Why We Don't Offer Meal Customization

On any given day, you can find whatever you’re craving on the EAT Club menu. Burritos? Barbecue? Sushi? Subs? You want it, we’ll bring it to you by lunchtime.  

It’s no secret that we’re obsessed with options. So some people have asked us…why don’t we offer more meal customization?

Unlike many delivery services, we don’t accommodate special requests and substitutions. That’s by design because special requests create complications. We’ve all had those nightmare delivery experiences — you might be able to ask for extra crispy crust, but it arrives two hours late on the wrong pizza!

At EAT Club, we believe that simplified ordering means better service. We specialize in bringing individualized offerings to large offices with minimal lead time, and we do so to the highest possible standards of food safety, quality, consistency, and reliability.

That’s because we’re not satisfied to be just another delivery company. Unlike any other service on the market, we know exactly what is in every meal we deliver and exactly how to prepare it to its most delicious potential. We play an active role in our menu development, carefully curating and vetting each new addition before we’re ready to share it with you. We only partner with restaurants we trust and hold them to rigorous standards, from professional certifications to quality assurance.

Many of the meals on our menu have been designed to compartmentalize things like dressings, condiments and toppings to provide our EATers with the option of enjoying a salad without cheese or a burger without ketchup (if you’re into that sort of thing). We continue to work to improve the packaging and presentation of dishes to make customization an option when possible.

We’ve found that when we streamline our offerings, we can better serve you with full ingredient transparency, accurate allergen statements, and on-time delivery. Your lunch tastes better when it’s just what you expected, right when you expected it. Oh, and did we mention delicious? Really, really delicious.

As always, it’s truly a privilege to share great food with you, and if you ever have any inspiration for our next delicious dish, leave us a note in the comments!