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Apr 20. 2018

Does it Pay to Feed Your Employees?

Does it pay to feed your employees? The short answer is yes. However, if you’re like most business leaders, you’re probably going to need a bit ...

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Apr 17. 2018

Why You Don’t Always Need to Measure ROI in Dollars

HR professionals tasked with measuring the ROI of benefits are in a difficult position. Most believe that an attractive benefits package leads ...

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Apr 13. 2018

Did You Know: Your Lunch Program May Be Tax Deductible

Employee benefits, like a daily lunch program, are non-cash benefits provided by an employer to an employee as a way to attract and retain top ...

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Mar 02. 2018

Show Your Employees Appreciation Every Day with Lunch

Today is Employee Appreciation day, a time to celebrate successes and acknowledge all the great work being done. ...

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Feb 28. 2018

Successful Companies Share a Delicious Secret

Legend has it that Google co-founder Sergey Brin once commanded his architects and office designers that “No one should be more than 200 feet ...

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Jan 22. 2015

How Food at Work Makes Employees Happier

Before the holidays, Entrepreneur shared an infographic we put together from a consumer survey we ...

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Nov 25. 2014

5 Ways Feeding Employees Improves Team Productivity

It's no big secret: what you eat impacts how you work. You've probably even experienced it yourself by working through lunch or opting ...

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