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Jan 22. 2018

10 Companies That Do Lunch as a Benefit

Google is famous for providing lots of food to their people. The goal when designing Google’s campus in New York City was to ensure that no one ...

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Jan 14. 2018

How Lunch Can Power Innovation and Success

When it comes to fueling innovation and fostering success, there’s no shortage of opinions and adages with good intentions. Sayings like “make ...

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Jan 05. 2018

Draw Introverts Out of Their Shells with Lunch

The workplace will always be a collection of diverse personalities and interaction styles. From small talk about the latest trends to ...

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Nov 22. 2017

Looking for a Sound Investment? Give Employees Lunch

Of course, you understand the value of investing in your company. Whether you’re purchasing new machinery, updating your tech, or ...

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Nov 07. 2017

Workplace Trends: Stay Competitive by Offering Free Lunch

Job seekers aren’t the only ones who have to look sharp to prospective partners. Companies are under the same pressure to stay ...

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Oct 05. 2017

5 Tips for Choosing an Office Lunch Provider

You’ve decided that you want to provide employees with lunch—and for good reason. Lunch is among the 

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Nov 25. 2014

5 Ways Feeding Employees Improves Team Productivity

It's no big secret: what you eat impacts how you work. You've probably even experienced it yourself by working through lunch or opting ...

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