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Mar 05. 2018

And the EATer Review Award Goes To …

Hopefully you noticed our EATer Reviews Contest last week (or maybe not?). We had a lot of fun going through the ...

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Mar 02. 2018

Show Your Employees Appreciation Every Day with Lunch

Today is Employee Appreciation day, a time to celebrate successes and acknowledge all the great work being done. ...

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Feb 26. 2018

The Power of the EATers’ Feedback

Like many of our food tech peers, data rules everything around us. With data we test, iterate, learn, and then ...

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Feb 19. 2018

Celebrating a Genius Flavor Combo on National Chocolate Mint Day

We’ve got chocolate mint on the brain because, hello, it’s Girl Scout Cookie season! And as it turns out, we aren’t alone. According to the ...

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Feb 16. 2018

Plan Your Chinese Feast for A Lucky New Year

The Year of the Dog has brought us Madonna, Michael Jackson, Winston Churchill, and Golda Meir…what could the year 4716 have in store? As the ...

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Feb 13. 2018

How Well Do You Know Your Noodles?

When you think of noodles, what’s the first thing that pops into your head? Ramen? Vermicelli? Across the globe, starchy noodles of all shapes ...

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Feb 05. 2018

5 Deliciously Charming Ingredients to Try

What if The One is right there in front of you, but you never give it a chance? We’re not talking about soulmates—we’re talking about LUNCH. ...

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Jan 29. 2018

Football, Food & Five-Million Dollar Ads: How the Big Game Got So Big

Are you ready for some football? It’s time for the most famous — and famously litigious — sporting event in the country. Everyone is talking ...

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Jan 24. 2018

An Ode to Peanut Butter

So how are you celebrating the holiday? You know…National Peanut Butter Day? (Yes, it’s a thing.) Somehow we didn’t get the day off, but that ...

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Jan 06. 2018

2018 Food Trends: Exotic Specialties, Humble Street Foods, and Plant-Based Everything

As we kick off the new year, food industry analysts are peering into their crystal balls to predict what trends we’ll be seeing and savoring ...

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