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Jun 25. 2019

Celebrating #BourdainDay

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Jan 28. 2019

Why We Don't Offer Meal Customization

On any given day, you can find whatever you’re craving on the EAT Club menu. Burritos? Barbecue? Sushi? Subs? You ...

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Mar 15. 2018

The Future of Food Delivery

We still don’t have flying cars. Darn.

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Mar 02. 2018

Show Your Employees Appreciation Every Day with Lunch

Today is Employee Appreciation day, a time to celebrate successes and acknowledge all the great work being done. ...

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Jan 24. 2018

An Ode to Peanut Butter

So how are you celebrating the holiday? You know…National Peanut Butter Day? (Yes, it’s a thing.) Somehow we didn’t get the day off, but that ...

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Jan 06. 2018

2018 Food Trends: Exotic Specialties, Humble Street Foods, and Plant-Based Everything

As we kick off the new year, food industry analysts are peering into their crystal balls to predict what trends we’ll be seeing and savoring ...

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Dec 20. 2017

State of the Plate: 2017's Best Morsels

The holidays are here and 2017 is wrapping up—what better time to take a look at the state of the lunch plate? ...

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Oct 05. 2017

5 Tips for Choosing an Office Lunch Provider

You’ve decided that you want to provide employees with lunch—and for good reason. Lunch is among the 

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