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Mar 27. 2014

Coffee Break: Our Favorite Paleo Sites


author: Carolyn

For EATers Foodies
Mar 25. 2014

The Top 10 Paleo Snacks Perfect for the Office

The great thing about Paleo meals is that they're chockfull of protein, so chances are you'll feel pretty sated throughout your afternoon ...

author: Carolyn

For EATers Health and Wellness
Mar 24. 2014

Picking Up Paleo: Let's Talk Basics

In recent months, we here at EAT Club started noticing more and more of our members requesting Paleo meals. As the requests ...

author: Carolyn

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Mar 23. 2014

Twitter Contest: Win a $50 Gift Card to Il Cane Rosso + EAT Club Swag

We're celebrating Paleo week at EAT Club, and that means everything from highlighting Paleo-friendly dishes on the menu to exploring what eating ...

author: Carolyn

Featured Foodies
Jan 31. 2014

Longevity, prosperity, and of course, dumplings!

We love a holiday that requires us to eat good food to get good fortune. And 15 days of it? We're up for the challenge. The Year of the Horse is ...

author: EAT Club