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Mar 11. 2015

Take the Spicy Challenge and Win Hot Prizes

Spicy Challenge Week is definitely not for the weak of heart. Next week we’ll be catering to the culinary daredevil inside you and ...

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Mar 05. 2015

Dietitian's Mailbag #7: OMG O-mega

OMG?  More like O-M-3!  This week, Ted T. writes:

author: Shira Carver

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Mar 04. 2015

Introducing Snacks With A Purpose (INFOGRAPHIC)

As our Instagram photo feed (and company name) would suggest, here at EAT ...

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Feb 26. 2015

Dietitian's Mailbag #6: The Spice is Right

This week's question really brings the heat.  Josh R. writes:

author: Shira Carver

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Feb 20. 2015

Dietitian’s Mailbag #5: The *Dark* Truth About Chocolate

Last week, we had one of the most candy-centric holidays of the year.  Some prefer to think of it as a day about love, hearts, and romance, ...

author: Shira Carver

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Feb 12. 2015

Dietitian's Mailbag #4: Sprout-of This World!

  This week's question is about bean sprouts, and it couldn't have come at a better time.  Wait a ...

author: Shira Carver

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Feb 05. 2015

Dietitian’s Mailbag #3: To Sit or Not To Sit?

Okay, everyone.  It’s confession time.  Last month, I was inspired to do something that I’ve never done before.

author: Shira Carver

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Jan 28. 2015

Dietitian’s Mailbag #2: Hydraters Gonna Hydrate

This week’s question is two-fold because one of my readers decided to be sneaky and formulate his question with a Part A and Part B.  Plus ...

author: Shira Carver

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Jan 22. 2015

How Food at Work Makes Employees Happier

Before the holidays, Entrepreneur shared an infographic we put together from a consumer survey we ...

author: Carolyn

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Jan 19. 2015

Dietitian’s Mailbag #1: It's All About That Fiber

"When I was a kid, my mom would constantly nag me about eating enough fiber.  Now I'm 22 and she still calls me sometimes just ...

author: Shira Carver