Recipe For a Greener World: EAT Club Goes Carbon Neutral

Feeding the Future: EAT Club goes carbon neutral




We're taking a bite out of climate change.

This Earth Day, we’re excited to announce our new Zero Carbon initiative. We’re proud to become the only food delivery company to completely offset the carbon footprint of our operations. All of our meals and snacks are now carbon neutral, from the moment we receive the raw ingredients, through cooking, packing and delivering to your office.  

So what does “carbon neutral” mean?

Basically, we calculated the carbon footprint of all the energy of our daily operations and we’re funding verified carbon reduction projects that reduce, absorb or prevent an equal amount of greenhouse gasses from entering the atmosphere.

And we didn’t stop there: We’re also the first company anywhere to calculate and negate the carbon footprints of, not only our operations, but also of each one of our employees. Any impact their lives have on the environment — in or out of the office — will be offset by our investments. We’re very excited to be able to add “carbon neutral” to our employee benefits package.

How are we making this happen?

Our partner in this mission, 3Degrees, helped us create a climate impact program that invests in renewable energy, supports carbon recapture projects, and promotes global sustainability. Specifically:

Renewable Energy

We’re investing in renewable energy certificates, or RECs, which sponsor clean energy projects like wind and solar farms.

Specifically, EAT Club is buying wind energy and our investment will support the generation of 2,200,000 KWH of renewable energy. That has the same environmental benefit as planting 42,432 tree seedlings and growing them for 10 years or charging 200,000,000 smartphones.

Carbon Recapturing

As a company, we’re focused on reducing waste, especially the packaging and food waste that can end up in landfills. That’s why part of this program includes investments in projects that capture and destroy harmful greenhouse gas emissions from US landfills. The effect of this investment lowers CO2 emissions, equivalent to taking 4,200 cars off the road.

Forest Stewardship

We’re also very excited to be able to fund projects that are actively preserving and replanting the Amazon rainforest. Through work with local communities and ecological groups, this program helps to protect 741,000 acres of the Peruvian Amazon.

Shrinking our Footprint

We’re very excited that these projects allow us to offset our carbon footprint right now and as we look to the future, they inspire and incentivize us to work toward shrinking the overall environmental impact of our operations.

So while we’re offsetting our impact, our ultimate goal is to reduce or eliminate parts altogether, with efforts like:

  • Utilizing 100% recyclable or compostable, post-consumer packaging
  • Offering reusable utensil packs to customers at cost
  • Develop new ways to reduce food waste
  • Partner with other environmentally responsible businesses

To wrap up, we’d like to share part of a message our CEO, Doug, wrote to employees that we think perfectly describes how we feel about this initiative:

“Now, none of this absolves EAT Club, or you, of doing more to reduce carbon emissions, and as a company we’re committed to continuing to live the values embodied in these investments by reducing the actual carbon footprint of EAT Club. We’re taking a small and symbolic step in that direction on Monday, Earth Day, by giving everyone their own set of reusable bamboo utensils so we can start reducing both our waste and the energy of producing disposable utensils. Hopefully, every time you use these to eat, you’ll be reminded to continue to make the planet a priority. But we should all take these measures as a start, not an end, to the efforts we make to heal our home.”