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May 01. 2020

Five Quick Tips for Menu Planning at Home

Five quick tips for menu planning at home, from the EAT Club menu planning team!

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Apr 30. 2020

How Top Companies are Planning to Re-Open Their Offices

It’s a weird time. As a company that would usually extoll the many reasons why employees sharing a meal together is so beneficial to the growth ...

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Apr 23. 2020

Kitchen Hacks: Regrow Your Produce

In honor of Earth Day, here’s a great way to get creative with produce and limit our waste and consumption. You can regrow (aka ...

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Culture & Collaboration
Mar 27. 2020

Maintaining Company Culture for Remote Employees During COVID-19

As the world hunkers down during this unprecedented moment, EAT Club would like to help our partners keep their employees safe, healthy, and ...

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Feb 19. 2020

Is snack time taking ALL your time? 3 reasons to outsource your snack program

The US market for snacks currently stands at

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Food Industry Culinary Development Chef
Feb 17. 2020

Meet the chefs behind your favorite cloud restaurants

EAT Club is proud to deliver delicious meals from diverse spots all around the Bay Area and Los Angeles, both from ...

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Feb 17. 2020

In the Chef's Own Words...

Chefs spend years honing their craft and putting their own twist, style, and flavor on the dishes they create. Often ...

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For EATers Go Green
Jan 09. 2020

The Story of EAT Club’s Recent Packaging Shift

The Story of EAT Club’s Recent Packaging Shift Here at EAT Club, we're always working to bring you the best office food experience - ...

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Jan 02. 2020

6 Reasons Why Food is a Powerful Work Benefit

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Nov 08. 2019

The Serious Fun of Shared Experiences

If you’ve ever doubted the value of a team-building exercise, give yourself a slap on the wrist. Give yourself two slaps if you thought the ...

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