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Nov 12. 2019

8 Questions to Ask Your Next Lunch Provider

The rationale for providing food as a benefit is a 

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Featured For EATers Foodies
Mar 30. 2015

Featured Restaurant Partner: DOSA

For more than a decade, DOSA has been a staple in the Bay Area's South Indian food scene. Serving everything from lentil fritters with ...

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Featured ROI
Jan 22. 2015

How Food at Work Makes Employees Happier

Before the holidays, Entrepreneur shared an infographic we put together from a consumer survey we ...

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Employee Benefits Leadership Productivity ROI
Nov 25. 2014

5 Ways Feeding Employees Improves Team Productivity

It's no big secret: what you eat impacts how you work. You've probably even experienced it yourself by working through lunch or opting ...

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Jul 01. 2014

3 Wrongs Still Make a Right: How to Eat the Red, White & Huge

If you've ever successfully eaten an 18" French Bread Pizza, you can stop reading right now. But if this particular activity has been on ...

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Apr 25. 2014

10 snacks so good you'll forget they're vegan

We know how it goes: something's labeled "vegan" and your first thought is, wait… no butter? After reading through this list of snacks ...

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Apr 22. 2014

Member Favorites: Top 8 Vegetarian Dishes

A great vegetarian meal can sometimes be hard to find, so to make it easier, we rounded up members' all-time favorite vegetarian dishes. ...

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Apr 22. 2014

How To Not Chicken Out on Going Vegetarian

So, you’ve decided to start eating vegetarian, but every time you’re about to make the change, thoughts of a nice juicy steak sneak into your ...

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Apr 06. 2014

5 things we'd be eating right now if we were Lannisters

Forget dragons or white walkers. Let's talk the important stuff: what will they be serving for dinner at King's Landing tonight? We figure this ...

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Mar 28. 2014

Introducing Eight Acres: Paleo Meals at the Office

It's been a blast celebrating #EATClubPaleoWeek with you all, and we thought we'd end it big with the announcement of our all new brand, Eight ...

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