Is snack time taking ALL your time? 3 reasons to outsource your snack program

The US market for snacks currently stands at $66,847m in revenue, with an expected growth of 2.8% over the next 5 years. Holding the rank at 4% of the global market, it is safe to say that snacking is America’s favorite past time.

With brands capitalizing on ‘hanger’, and tech giant Google paving the way for its employees to remain well-fed in its 15 cafeterias, it is a no brainer for companies to ensure access to food-led benefits for their teams to boost morale and productivity.

If you’re the food program admin at your office, you already know that your team not only wants snacks, they need snacks. But in the process of determining dietary requirements, popular munchies, sourcing them from wholesalers, and stocking them in a presentable way, wouldn’t you say your time is better well-spent doing tasks that improve the overall management of the office, rather than worrying about ordering the very specific granola bar that Karen from Accounting likes?

Here’s the low-down on why outsourcing your snacks program can not only support you in your role, but also contribute towards an energized and motivated workforce.

Time is money
You’re spinning multiple plates and juggling several… personalities – to ensure that the office environment for the team is motivating and engaging enough to hit KPIs and targets.
In a 2017 State of the Office Manager report, 37.5% of Office Managers named not having enough time as their biggest challenge. Save yourself the snack sourcing and stocking time, and delegate the logistics to someone else! We did some math and found that our customers with roughly 140 employees saved about 45 minutes of snack sourcing time and nine hours of stocking time a week!

Tailor your experience
Full-service snacks programs, such as EAT Club, allow you to curate your snacks experience based on costs, preferences, dietary requirements, and even the option to choose whether you use in-house space or source a snack rack. Whether you’re just starting out or have a 1000+ employees, with a plethora of options (over 400 snacks to choose from!), such programs can make providing food a breeze for your company... without sacrificing employee personal choice. If company circumstances change, there are no tie-ins and you can cancel at any point.
Providers tend to use interactive dashboards where you can easily monitor consumption and customize options for your teams. Utilizing data-driven analytics, your vendor will be able to ensure hanger management by proactively determining company favorites and office consumption trends.

Cut down on waste and embrace sustainability
Outsourcing your office snack delivery can be a more sustainable way of maintaining employee benefits. Many services prioritize options with compostable and recyclable packaging, which can be a bit hit and miss with self-service sourcing. This can support your company’s CSR initiatives and help put yours and your environmentally-conscious employees’ minds at ease.

With non-GMO, non-processed and allergy-friendly options, you can also encourage your team with healthy eating. With various alternatives that are suited to different lifestyles (Paleo, Vegan, Keto, Plant-based, to name a few), a snack delivery service can help you keep all employees happy.

A well-structured snacks benefit can be extremely beneficial to companies in achieving macro goals and streamlining processes, as well as ensuring employee productivity and motivation. Much like you would farm out general maintenance and housekeeping of the office, investing in a snacks delivery program can offer you and your company value in guaranteeing that everyone is well-fed. Also, you can rely on a dependable schedule and regular office deliveries. They do all the work, and you take all the credit!

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