Let's Celebrate! #AdminAppreciation 2018

We really felt the love for office admins this week! Thanks to everyone who took the time to submit a nomination. Here's the winner, runners-up, and other greats nods we want to honor! 



Winner: Erin E. from SeatGeek

Erin not only juggles a million things, but she does so seamlessly. She never lets the stress of the job get to her, finds us great snacks and vendors (like Eat Club!) and does so with a smile and a kind word for everyone. Our office would fall apart without her, and we are incredibly lucky she's on our team.

She keeps us fed and happy

Erin works harder and cares more about SeatGeek than anyone humanly should. She comes in early, stays late, works hard and makes all of us happier than we have any right to be. Erin should not only win this award she should win it every year.

Erin rocks all things office related. Not only does she manage our office efficiently, she plans our company wide work vacation for 300+ international employees. She kills it every day and always has a smile on her face!

Erin does everything for our office of about 200 employees. She's always looking for ways to better support the entire company. Not sure what the office culture at SeatGeek would look like without Erin, but I know Erin's helping us live our best life!

She's the best!

So many reasons. Erin orchestrates constantly, events big and small - happy hours, meals, WORKATION, gifts... she keeps both offices informed and does it all with a radiant smile.

A true gem!

She does all the things for everyone!!

organizes and throws incredible events for our whole office!

She always puts in the extra effort and takes care of everyone! thank you!

Erin always goes above and beyond as an office admin. She wakes up and checks in to make sure there aren't any questions waiting for her before she gets to work. She tirelessly prepares the office for upcoming events around the office from organizing awesome fun events like beer tastings, happy hours, and company vacations, to keeping our facilities fresh and tidy by preparing all of our supplies, clean up, and even desks for new hires. She's an events and facilities MACHINE and definitely deserves THE MOST appreciation on this day. Couldn't do it without her.

Our office wouldn't survive without Erin. She's so amazing and does her best to make 170 individuals feel cared about and heard. EAT Club has been an incredible solution for our weekly team lunches. With so many options, everyone can find something they enjoy. I know it's a huge stress reliever for Erin, and I'm thankful we have it!

Erin deserves every office award there is, and I think this one is especially fitting because she loves EAT Club so much!

She takes care of our office like I've never experienced. She is a solid worker and a absolute delight to work with.

Erin takes care of all of us! And she does it with a huge smile on her face. She is subject to the whim of well over 100 employees who come at her with requests all day long via slack, email, in person, hivey, you name it! She keeps the office humming. My job would be much harder to do without her here!

Runner-up: Lu M. from CrowdTwist

For 6 years Lu has kept things running smoothly while building and maintaining the best office culture I've experienced. From heading up HR and office administration to keeping everyone in the loop and planning the best parties, Lu is the definition of a rockstar. I honestly can't imagine a CrowdTwist without her.



Winner: Michelle K. from NHN Global

It's really quite simple. Michelle makes like Nike and DOES IT.

As an office admin, you gotta have a strong backbone and have to be able to lay the smackdown on fools that dare violate office rules. Have you ever experienced a cute smiling face that's telling you that you face annihilation if you don't clean out your crap from the fridge? Have you ever been told nicely to "get the hell out right now, or die" so that the pest control teams can gas the office?

Oh by the way, she's super strong so she makes the Costco delivery guy look like a pansy with his lifts and dollies. I mean who needs that stuff when you can deadlift a ton of soda into the cabinets while in heels? Around Michelle, everyone else is a damsel in distress, because if she were to be missing one day, it'd turn Mad Max post-apocalyptic up in here.

Rockstar? PFFFT, she's a BAMF and deserves to win this.

Because she is super, and always looking out for us at the office when i comes to food.

Michelle is the office rockstar because she is constantly having to attend to people, answer phone calls, answer the door, handle all the shipments that come in, and still makes sure our break room is stocked with snacks!

Runner-up: Rosa M. from Otoy

Need office supplies? Ask Rosa. Need company swag? Ask Rosa. Need EatClub invitation? Ask Rosa. Where's Rosa? Ask Rosa. See? That's how much of a rockstar Rosa is. She can appear from an alternate parallel dimension to provide exact geo-location lat/long coordinates on the whereabouts of present dimension Rosa.

All of this office supporting and she's off doing unsung hero tasks like taking care of the office dog and the office dog's poop. She's running around the City of Los Angeles, (takes forever to get to anywhere) running errands and handling business.

Post Malone even made a song about Rosa, called Rockstar. Enough said. Give her the award already, she deserves it.

And here's some other great nominations we received!

Eve F. from Fast Pay

Eve organizes team building events, handles our CEO's calendar, and makes sure we are caffeinated. She is always composed, even under pressure. Our office would be a mess without her!

Kat D. from Flexport

Kat is the glue that holds our office together!! She is kind, caring and works so hard to make everything perfect for us. It really doesn't get better than Kat.

Ariana C. from Service Titan

Ariana has absolutely changed the experience here at ServiceTitan since she started here for the better. She is polite, organized, pleasant, and funny, as well as willing to lay down the law when it's needed -- but always with such a smile and presence that you feel like she's the one doing you the favor at all times. She pays attention to all of us and really cares in a way that makes coming into work more enjoyable than it already is. It can be difficult to wrangle socially-awkward tech workers of the kind a lot of us are here at ServiceTitan, but Ariana has the chops and isn't afraid to use them.

Aaron H. from OpenX

He manages the snacking and dietary needs of over 500 employees at OpenX and never complains despite all the various requests he receives. We always have lunch on time and tons of options for snacks and other food. He makes sure everyone is happy and no request is too much for him and his team. He also creates a fun and enjoyable office atmosphere which allows us to be productive and de-stress when we need to.

Syon D. from DataScience, Inc.

She always has a smile and brings a ton of life to our office!

Rachael L. from Gravity Brands

Rachael is a rockstar. She takes care of us little people and makes sure we are all fed and for the most part "happy." Thanks Rachael (please tell her I said this eat club.com).

David M. from Raw Artists Inc

David goes above and beyond what's expected to make everyone comfortable and happy. He's considerate and thoughtful, truly the best!

Miranda R. from BizRate Insights

She is go to person for everything and works with you to get to a solution! We are lucky to have her around! <3



Winner: Laura J. from Mythic

Mythic-AADay-LunchThat's Laura standing up surrounded by her team eating EAT Club lunch together!

Laura does everything for us at Mythic. She manages our Redwood City office, remotely manages our Austin office, handles benefits, HR, payroll, reception, onboarding, and a million other things too – I can't keep track of them all, because we have Laura to keep track of it for us! We're a growing company and we have plans to hire at least half a dozen people to do what she does now. I'm so excited to find out how much she'll rock once she has time to focus on one thing!

She is a superman, handling everything for us, we appreciate here.

Laura is an amazing, accomplished, and hilarious manager of all things office and HR related. She does more than just keep our office running smoothly (though she does that exceedingly well) -- she plans holiday parties, drags us away from our desks to throw a bagel or donut party for each new employee, organizes ordering hilarious personalized bobbleheads on an employee's 1-year anniversary, handles all of the HR problems and growing pains of a rapidly growing start-up, and she nearly single-handedly tackled a gargantuan office move. We so appreciate you, Laura!

Laura's unbridled enthusiasm for the employees at Mythic is contagious. She continually pushes the envelope in moving the entire company forward, supporting the employees, and overall keeping a high level of positive energy reverberating throughout our office. If you look up 'rockstar' in a dictionary, a picture of Laura is sure to accompany the definition.

Powered by chocolate, coffee with chocolate milk in it, and eat club, Laura keeps shit in-line at Mythic Inc. Most of the time she knows what I need before I know what I need. If you have a question, Laura knows the answer. She’s only been wrong about something once, that was the time she thought she was wrong but she was actually right. Laura is a rockstar.

Managed the new office from conception to a fully formed team of 20+.

Laura is the go-to person for everything and prevents the office from falling into chaos!

Laura has managed to move our offices twice within 2 months, build out a brand new one, coordinate offsites, food for the hungry masses and maintain a todo list miles long. All with a great sense of humor and smile! We have been growing like crazy and there's no way we'd be where we are without her!

Runner-up (Tie): Lovlani N. from RevJet

I mean, her name is Lovlani..how can she not be awesome?! But her work lives up to her name, as she's a constant positive and cheerful presence in our office, while keeping up with the execs' schedules and ensuring everything is running smoothly.

She does so much around the office for everyone and is super friendly all the time! She goes out of her way to make sure everyone has what they need and everything is working 100%, she rocks!

Lovlani is the absolute best! She welcomes every person who walks in the door. She makes everyone feel included. For example, any new (or shy) employee she invites to join her for lunch. She is very attentive and listens to what people tell her for how to improve the kitchen or the office in general. She sets up office events such as ping pong tournaments to get everyone involved and make the office a really fun environment. She is always willing to help in any way possible and works above and beyond what is required of her. We are so lucky to have her!!

Lovlani is pretty badd ass!!! She is always on top of making sure our office is running smooth and moving forward. Whether she is on boarding new employees, making sure everyone gets their favorite snacks in the kitchen or being helpful with anything to boost our company culture. She is a force to be reckoned with. From her smile to her charm, she definetely brings another level of happiness here at RevJet!!!

Runner-up (Tie): Cora R. from Narvar

Because she does everything around here!

She is the best !!! No words

She is just amazing!

Cora is a freaking unicorn. She can handle anything you throw at her. I'm not sure what she eats to be able to accomplish all the amazing things she does — I think it's EatClub, like the rest of us?

And here's some other great nominations we received!

Liz L. from Bill.com

Liz is just amazing and takes care of all of us tirelessly.

Martha S. from Cisco

Patient, Pleasant and Pro-active ... Always one step ahead of us to get things planned and done.

Monica C. from Coda

I am convinced that Monica is a superhero, and without her we would be absolutely lost. She is able to juggle everything and make it look easy. She's also a superhuman with the amazing docs she builds to track and manage everything from meetings, to snacks, to travel, to events, and more. And, on top of that, her smile and laughter are infectious. She's a bright light in our office and I love being around her!

Kalimah S. from Exelixis

I have only been here at Exelixis for 1 month, since then I have seen her hard work, always making sure tasks get done, and going above and beyond. I look up to her as a great employee / colleague and learning more from her. Kalimah is a great individual, employee, colleague and overall a great mother. Keep up the good work! Look forward to learning more from you as well as bringing my skills and experience to enhance the legal team!

Cheree H. from Filice Insurance Agency

She's amazing-- does it all!

Erin R. from Gainsight

Erin is our Office Vibes Manager and she has made SUCH an impact here at Gainsight. Yes, she does a great job of managing the day to day around the office (greeting guests, facilities maintenance, getting meetings set up, mail distribution, etc.) but she also has gone so above and beyond to makes sure that our company goals shine through in everything we do. Not to mention she makes sure we get our meals through EAT Club!

For instance, she is organizing for every employee to receive plant seed packets on Earth Day this week in the mail, and she has also helped lead our global volunteering initiatives called Gainsight Gives. Erin an integral part of all that we do and that's why I'm so proud to nominate her for this award!

May S. from Gigster

May is unstoppable! Not only just she keep two offices running smoothly, she's really stepped up and helped coordinate our move to a new building to join our offices in Q2! She handles everything from new employee on-boarding, desks, cookies, anniversaries, all hands meetings - you name it, May is on it with a smile. She's the first face people see when they walk into Gigster, and delivers a Wow experience daily!

Sarah W. from HackerRank

Start ups are tough and we've gone through more than our fair share of facilities managers. Sarah some how keeps this place running smoothly, and always with a smile on her face. She makes some of the hardest work that goes on around here, look incredibly easy. She definitely doesn't get the credit she deserves, but she's appreciated.

Grace D. from Helix

Well, duh, she introduced Eat Club to our office!!! :) That aside, Grace has been an incredible problem solver and has always made fast and efficient decisions about how to improve our office. Solving the lunch food overage/waste is the perfect example of this. We were struggling with the issue of having too many leftovers that the food bank couldn't always take. Employees were also unhappy with the lack of healthy choices. Grace came in and brought Eat Club to solve both issues and we've all love it!

Jupiter G. from Hustle

Without Jupiter our office would be in a state of chaos. They ensure that we stay organized, keep us healthy in collaboration with our snacks and drinks vendor, support mothers by ensuring we have a dedicated mothers room, made a huge office move go off without a hitch, and overall have put in place great processes that keep the engine of the ship running smoothly. Definitely worth several awards and moments of appreciation. Thanks Jupiter!

Arniesa N. from Illumio

Arniesa is a highly talented and ever smily all the time. She's not just an admin, but she's an all rounder. The entire office staff front office to back office is taken care by Arniesa with absolutely no complaints from anyone. All front office, back office and break room logistics are handled with great enthusiasm.

Mirsa L. from Interana

She does everything without complaining and makes everyday run smoothly

Yvonne H. from Jobvite

Yvonne is always on top of things. She's readily available to assist with a smile on her face as she greets us daily. She helps runs the office smoothly and we appreciate her so much.

Celeste M. from Kairos Power

Celeste is an Office Rockstar because she has obtained that one elusive skill that we all wish our Admins could have; she can see the future. Before I can even ask her to take care of a task, she has already done it. She has magical powers. I just started to mention that we have additional guests onsite this week and we would need to add them as extras on our EatClub order. She already did it by sending them the EatClub link. She is amazing, every single day.

Crissy L. from Magic Leap

Crissy is awesome!

Andrew F. from Neustar

EAT club was his idea!

Amanda W. from Oracle/Moat

Amanda is absolutely the best admin in the world. She not only makes sure we have everything we need, she goes above and beyond to make each on of us feel special. From making sure we all get our birthdays celebrated to helping us in whatever way we need, she is a friggin superstar.

Amanda also has a lot on her plate, she also took on a business analyst role, while starting her graduate degree AND! planned a wedding this year.

She's simply the best!

Jade from Personal Capital

We believe she is a rockstar because she does the thankless job. She is very helpful and always has the kitchen stocked up and is excellent at coordinating all our activities. We just want to make sure that she knows that we really appreciate all that she does for us.

Elizabeth M. from Product Madness

She is a unicorn! She can speak to our robots that work here and make them seem human. She works really hard at creating an awesome culture by researching all types of different events and it is because she is truly passionate about our office being the best place for people to live and work.

Our admin does it all! From setting up fantastic events like archery tag, game nights, holiday parties, and cruise trips to the more mundane like getting delicious snacks, acquiring new hardware, scheduling meetings, meal catering, and setting up Eat Club (!!!), she truly does it all! She juggles the fun and the business with panache and definitely makes the workplace a much better experience for everyone. Definitely an admin worth appreciating.

Tiffany from Replicon

Tiffany is a personal assistent to our Co-CEO's. She does a little of everything to keep them on schedule, on time and make their lives incredibly a bit easier. She's super efficient and does it with a smile and knows how to fun! We're very lucky to have her on the team and she's a pleasure to work with.

Rhonda R. from Shaklee

Rhonda is always there to help and goes out of her way to solve and help. Its nice to know that there is always someone you can go to for help . She ensures the food needs are taken care for meetings even if they are last minute. The list is long but she is everything you would want in an admin.

Valerie L. from Shaklee

Valerie sees to it we have our donuts and bagels on Fridays. :-) She calls the Helpdesk whenever there's a problem with the copier machine, fluorescent bulb is busted, leaking faucet (she can't fix them because she has no tools) She shares the leftover food from the meetings. Remember all our birthdays in the office.

Valerie not only feed us in the office, but the encouragement to speak up for ourselves. You can talk to her with anything and gives a reasonable advise.

What would be our life in the office if we don't have Valerie?

Hyllarie C. from Spoke

She's constantly looking out for everyone in the office, from the smallest problems to bigger concerns, you know she'll be on top of it.

Trang N. from SVXR

Trang was initially hired to be the company's Accountant but has helped hold the company running smoothly since she also handled Human Resources tasks, hiring, facility management, office management, admin tasks, employee appreciation, as well as finance.
She's even the person who found EAT CLUB which keeps all our employees happy + feed.

MarQues M. from TrueAccord

MarQues has made such incremental shifts to company culture and facilities. He has an eye for detail, is always willing to help, and puts a special touch on all that he works on. His pride in how the office facilities are maintained is super evident. Whether it's in arranging our snacks just so or taking us from a company that constantly had dirty dishes in the sink to one with ZERO dishes in it and folks actually cleaning up after themselves! Admin's don't often get enough credit and I'd really love to see MarQues get some recognition for all of his efforts in making TrueAccord an enjoyable place to work!

Omar K. from WePay

Because he is a rockstar!

Chelsea P. from Wrike

Chelsea has to be the best office manager I've ever had the pleasure to work with. Chelsea helped manage our big HQ move and made sure that everyone was taken care of. She's the first face that our visitors see when they come through our doors and she always ensures a warm welcome. The most awesome thing about Chelsea is that she not only listens to the needs of the teams in the office, but she anticipates what everyone may need often ahead of time. Chelsea is just stellar!

Chelsea is not only the person that adds a dash of sunshine to everyone's day with her positive attitude, but she is one of the most helpful and kindest people I've ever worked with! She's not only really efficient but she is extremely responsive. Most of all though, she's just a wonderful person to be around!

Claudio M. from Zicasso

Our office would starve without her!

She is always handling all our crazy requests. Even during stressful times, she knows how to keep calm and help us out in any way she can.

Aaron H. from OpenX

He manages the snacking and dietary needs of over 500 employees at OpenX and never complains despite all the various requests he receives. We always have lunch on time and tons of options for snacks and other food. He makes sure everyone is happy and no request is too much for him and his team. He also creates a fun and enjoyable office atmosphere which allows us to be productive and de-stress when we need to.

Imani from 3DR

Imani is in early every morning to greet us as we walk in, ensures we are well fed and happy, plans fun activities for the team, helps out on all kinds of projects, and even screens the all crazies who walk in the front door!

Thank you Imani for all your hard work - you are a rockstar!

Lara F. from Glu Mobile

She takes care of and cares about everyone here in the officve. She plans events, parties and just generally makes Glu Pen a great place to work. People in her position are all to often overlooked by decisions makes even though they are the center piece of the office.

Lysette T. from Playphone Inc.

She is our office
R - resolves our issues and concerns
O - organizes Playphone events perfectly
C - caters to our needs like a family
K - kempt tidy
S - superb persona
T - terrifc admin
A - absolute trust
R - real Rockstar!!!

You Rock Lysette!!!

Joanne W. from Sage Intacct

Great Director

Liz E. from Sage Intacct

Always fun to chat with and helps make the cog spins smoothly for our department.

Jeanelle N. from Tophatter Inc.

Jeanelle hasn't been with Tophatter long, and she has already earned the love of everyone in the office! She found a great artist to come in and add a "MAGIC" wall to our office, complete with buyer comments about our site. She's added a meditation room to the office and is bringing in a rotation of company-paid monthly services: chair massages, yoga, and sound baths. She recently got a gaming room set up for the guys who like to play Smash Bros at lunch :) We're never without snacks because she's in early every morning to restock our fridge and snack area. She's taken monthly birthday celebrations to the next level - boba tea, Hawaiian shaved ice, and who knows what's next?

One of the things I was most impressed with was seeing her sit down with our CEO and COO in her first few days to let them know that she's there to help them get their jobs done and to find out if there were any specifics that they needed her to be aware of out of the gate.

She's also taken on our internet issues (because who needs the internet to work?) and stays on top of things when we see outages or slow days. She was also instrumental in getting our office set up with HighFive for our (many) conference rooms so we could make calls with people who aren't in the office.

The best was a couple of weeks ago when ZeroCater forgot to submit our Thursday catered lunch order (yeah, once a week, we ditch EatClub). She got on the horn and got a substitute lunch delivered ASAP!

She has done so much for our office in such a short time! And she always does it with a smile on her face! I never knew an office admin could make such a big difference! I don't know what we'd do without her!