4 Practical Tips for Take Your Kids to Work Day

It’s almost time for the annual invasion of the littlest interns: Take Your Kids to Work Day! April 26 marks the 24th anniversary of the yearly celebration, which was originally known as Take Our Daughters to Work Day. What began as a way to introduce young girls to equal career opportunities has evolved and expanded over the years into a way for all children to experience the wide world beyond the classroom.

From kindergartners to high schoolers, a day at your workplace offers an exciting window to imagine the next chapter of life. Even a job that feels ho hum to you can seem downright magical to a kid. You can talk to people without raising your hand! Go to the bathroom without asking permission! Eat snacks at your desk whenever you want! It’s a small peek into a big world of possibilities, and a great inspiration to your child’s imagination and ambition.

Will you be participating in Take Your Kids to Work Day this year? In preparation for next week’s all-age office adventure, we’ve compiled a few quick tips to make the day a memorable and meaningful success:

#1: Make a plan

It isn’t always obvious how to incorporate a child into your real-life work routine, so be sure to give it some thought before the big day arrives. A bit of structure will go a long way to ensuring a successful outing, and it helps to tailor the day around your child’s natural interests whenever possible. For a head start on age-appropriate activities, check out the curriculum guides provided by the official Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work organization.

#2: Set expectations

Give children some basic guidelines and boundaries to help them shine on their visit to your workplace. Depending on your child’s age, you may want to discuss the basics of positive office behavior, including quiet voices, autonomous activity, and personal vs. community space. Encourage your child to introduce himself or herself to your colleagues with eye contact and a handshake.

#3: Bring someone else’s kid

If you don’t have kids, or your child is joining someone else at work, consider taking another child to the office! Take Your Kids to Work Day is a great opportunity to introduce children from different socioeconomic backgrounds to occupations they may not otherwise have exposure to. For a great place to start, try reaching out to your local chapter of Big Brothers and Big Sisters or the Boys and Girls Club to see if they have any programs you can get involved in, or ask your HR representative for information about any special programming at your office.

#4: Plan a good lunch

Teach them early that lunchtime is the best part of the workday! When the big day rolls around, EAT Club has you covered with hassle-free meals delivered straight to your office. For a limited time only, we’re offering a wholesome PB&J lunchbox your little one will love, featuring kid-friendly nibbles to power through the day. Ask your EAT Club admin for more details about getting lunch for your little guests—and you can spend more time conquering the work world together. Here's Ann (our VP of Merchandising) enjoying time with her daughter Lily at EAT Club HQ.


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How do you make your grownup job more relatable to your kids on Take Your Kids to Work Day and beyond? Share your tips with us!