Nominate Your Office Rockstar for Admin Appreciation Day!


This contest is over, but there's always next year. Check out the winners of 2018 here!

They answer the phones, schedule the meetings, and know just where to kick the copy machine to make it work. Office admins are the glue that holds every workplace together.

Office admins are truly the unsung heroes of every successful company. EAT Club is going to make sure they won’t remain unsung for long because we're about to sing their praises (figuratively).

April 25th is Admin Appreciation Day—or #AdminAppreciation in Twitter-speak—a celebration of these behind-the-scenes MVPs. And EAT Club wants to help you celebrate. Through Friday, April 20th, we’ll be accepting nominations for officially awesome office admins. Tell us a story of their awesomeness by filling out the form below!

We'll be announcing the winners on April 25 here and on our social media feeds, so make sure to check back and see if your nomination won! 

*Eligible nominees must work at a company that is a current EAT Club customer.