Lunch as a Benefit is a Powerful Management Tool

Managers know that effective employee management is essential to ensuring that the workplace runs smoothly, and everyone is happy. The best managers know which tools to use. And, food is one of those tools.

Very often, food is a mundane backdrop for lunchtime and other gatherings. It’s almost an afterthought. You’re bringing people together for one reason or another. And, you need to feed them. So, you order a catered lunch. Simple enough. Done. And, done.

But what happens when you start viewing food as a management tool? A lot happens.

Lunch as a Benefit, or LaaB, is an office lunch program through which your company provides catered lunches to your employees. One reason why it’s one of the best tools available for employee management is because LaaB puts employees in control of their meals. Whether it is a daily lunch, a one-off lunch, or catering for important meetings or special events, LaaB empowers employees to select exactly what they want to eat from a carefully curated menu of delicious food options.

Another reason why LaaB is such an effective management tool is that it has the impact of breaking your employees out of their eating routines. This enables them to interact with one another in ways that promote a collaborative work environment.

Ordinarily, the same small groups of people will get together to have lunch while some employees will choose to eat at their desks. However, when you provide their lunch, all of your employees are encouraged to come together in a common space to enjoy their food.

Because eating food together is a natural social activity, the act encourages interaction. Consequently, LaaB has the impact of breaking up siloed business teams and providing the opportunity for conversations that would not have happened otherwise. This interaction leads to greater collaboration and sharing of ideas. And, that helps your business grow.

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