And the EATer Review Award Goes To …

Hopefully you noticed our EATer Reviews Contest last week (or maybe not?). We had a lot of fun going through the submissions—and we learned a whole lot too. Your reviews help us improve your experience, from the individual dish to overall variety and selection we offer on the weekly menus.  

Thanks to everyone who sent in their reviews. The selected winners below will be getting a sweet treat sent to their office!

And for everyone else, don’t stop giving us your feedback. We want to hear from our EATers—good, bad, funny, creative, or otherwise.

Now, without further ado … the winners!

Most Passionate Review: Benjamin S.


"This was fantastic, With strong hints of how Grandma used to make. I have to choose this whenever it comes up on the menu. Much like an addiction, But I don't want a cure. I crave it, When I don't have it I think about it.... Dream about it ...just waiting for the most beautiful sight. The EAT Club delivery has Arrived!! I can drown myself in the ecstasy of cheese and meat that makes this meal sooo irresistible. I recommend pairing this with the red wine of your choice. -SmokeyCheddarman"

From Benjamin S. about the Andouille and Mac from Smoke


Funniest Review: Grant G.


"Bring milk because these are so spicy they'd make your mama cry."

From Grant G. about the Spicy Hot Wings from BonChon Chicken

Here's Chef Shy reading Grant's review:


Most Creative Review: Matt L.


 "My plane crashed. I managed to get my life jacket on and drifted with some floating debris for six or seven days. I don't remember when I regained consciousness, but when I did... I was on flavor island.”

From Matt L. about the Paleo Grilled Chicken Bowl from Rooted


Most Honest Review: Kasey W.


 “I almost love this sandwich more than my mom. Please put it back on the menu.”

From Kasey W. about the Vegan Pesto Tofu Sandwich from Espostos Deli

Here's Raffaella from our Buying team reading Kasey's review:


Best Burn: Michael L.


"The rice was it was cooked in tears."

From Michael L. about the Dim-Sum Style Braised Spare Ribs from Nine Dragons

Here's Hannah from our Culinary R&D team reading Michael's burn: