Lunch as a Benefit: One Size Can Fit All

What's one of the best ways to power your people and your company? Providing Lunch as a Benefit—or what we call LaaB.

Why Lunch as a Benefit?

Because LaaB delivers a wide range of benefits to your people and your company. Not only do your people receive a delicious lunch each day, they also get a big boost towards achieving a healthy work-life balance.

As for your company, you can expect LaaB to help with attracting and retaining top talent. People look at the benefits and perks companies offer while making a decision about where they want to work. After they pick a company to work with, if they are happy with the benefits they are receiving, they are more likely to stay. It's just that simple.

LaaB also fosters collaboration among your people and your teams. When they have the opportunity to eat a lunch that you provide, your people will stop eating lunch alone at their desks. They'll also stop spending time at fast-food restaurants.

Instead, they will spend their lunchtime in a common area where they are likely to have casual interactions that have the potential to promote collaboration, brainstorming, and socialization within the company

Right now, you're probably thinking your company is too small or too large to offer LaaB to your people. You should definitely rethink that. You're never too small or too large to value attracting and retaining top talent and supporting a healthy work-life balance for your people.

And, if your company is growing fast, then offering LaaB is a great idea. That's because you need to do more to compete for the best talent as you continue to grow. As companies grow, they tend to have difficulty maintaining the desired corporate culture. Fortunately, LaaB provides the perfect setting for solidifying your culture and passing it along to newer employees.

Another thing you may be concerned about is not being able to fit LaaB into your budget. Ask yourself this question. Is your company better off with or without a LaaB program? Without one, your company is less competitive in the employment marketplace. And, you have one less tool in your toolbox to make your people feel appreciated.

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