Get to Know Lunch as a Benefit

It’s time to get to know the freshest tool in your employee benefit toolbox. It’s lunch as a benefit. Or, as we like to call it, LaaB.

Whether your enterprise is small, medium, or large, you’re probably already offering your employees an array of standard employee benefits. Your benefit offerings probably include health care insurance, life insurance, disability insurance, paid time off, and retirement plan contributions.

Given the fact that the primary reasons for offering benefits to employees is to attract and retain talent, the benefits you’re offering are fine. Expected. But fine. They have served both employers and their employees well over the years.

However, your competition is offering the same or similar benefits. You need to stand out if you want to attract and maintain the best talent.  It’s easy and affordable to offer a great deal more value to your employees by thinking outside of the box – outside of the lunchbox, that is.

Consider offering daily lunch to your employees as a part of their total benefit package like companies such as Facebook, Panda Express, and Zappos. Why lunch? Because LaaB has been proven to meet the business needs of employers as well as the professional and personal desires of employees.

Research shows that LaaB programs enhance talent acquisition while also improving employee satisfaction. And, as you know, satisfied employees stay with your company longer and remain loyal employees. Also, providing LaaB helps create a familial company culture that inspires employees to break down silos during lunchtime and collaborate across teams.

Who would have thought that providing lunch to employees could have so much of an impact on your organization and the lives of your employees? We’re ready to let the world know about this secret weapon.

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