How Lunch Can Power Innovation and Success

When it comes to fueling innovation and fostering success, there’s no shortage of opinions and adages with good intentions. Sayings like “make your bed every morning so you’ve at least accomplished one thing for the day” or “eat a complete, healthy breakfast” are standard.

Check Amazon and you’ll find a plethora of books about habit building, sparking creative energy, or better life management. And while the advice given and contained in these books aren’t wrong, they often overlook the simpler, everyday moments that can be even more impactful.

What exactly are we talking about? We’re talking about lunch. You know, the meal in the middle of the day that hopefully you remembered to bring … or even eat. Lunch can often get the short end of the stick, seen as a chore that just needs to get done. In reality, it can actually set a powerful tone for the rest of your day.

Think about how you feel when you’re hungry. You probably lose focus easily, maybe a little irritable, and your brain is definitely not firing on all cylinders. Now think about how you feel when you’re fed and content. You’re thinking clearly, not focused on the rumble of your stomach, and not distracted by how unproductive it will be to stop and eat.

That’s the power of lunch.

Lunch’s impact on the individual is powerful—imagine what happens when you apply this same principle to the workplace. Lunch can satisfy individual team members, fostering creative thought. Opening that door in the individual can increases teams’ potential for collaboration, innovation, and ultimately, success. Who wouldn’t want that in their business?

If you’re ready to reap the rewards of office lunch in your organization, we’re here for you. EAT Club is the leading office lunch provider—but we’re not just a food delivery service. By operating as a virtual cafeteria, we can satisfy individuals tastes and needs so they can go on to power their teams to growth, success, and beyond!

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