Looking for a Sound Investment? Give Employees Lunch

Of course, you understand the value of investing in your company. Whether you’re purchasing new machinery, updating your tech, or expanding into a new space, every dollar you spend is a financial investment.

When you invest soundly in your business, you can expect higher sales, bigger clients, larger contracts, and greater success. You aren’t throwing money out of the window. You’re being smart by building your business dollar, by dollar, by dollar.

Your People Are a Sound Investment

Investing in places and things is only one part of the equation. It’s also important to invest in your people.

As you know, the way companies typically invest in their people is by providing a range of employee benefits as part of the employee’s total compensation package. In addition to a competitive salary, common benefits include paid time off, health insurance, and a 401(k) plan. Other benefits you might offer include healthcare flexible spending accounts, life insurance, long and short-term disability, dental insurance, and vision insurance.

Your company most likely provides some assortment of employee benefits. This means that the C-Suite understands the importance of investing in people. And, because people have a greater appreciation for something they value, the more valuable the investment in benefits, the greater the return.

Today, an increasing number of companies are investing in their employees by providing something their employees really value: lunch.

Well-Fed Employees Are Happier Employees

Yep. They did it at Google. And, it works.

By all reports, the food program that Google offers to their employees is pretty awesome. And, why not? It’s Google. However, what’s more important than the food that they offer is the fact that they offer food in the first place. The impact of Google’s investment in their people is that Googlers are happier, healthier, and find it much easier to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Sure, your organization may not be a Google-sized company with more than 72,000 employees. That’s okay. You can still experience the exact same benefits that Google does by providing Lunch as a Benefit (LaaB) to your employees.

Laab Is a Benefit That Delivers

The fact that employees are happier and healthier when offered LaaB are excellent returns on your investment. However, you can expect additional returns.

One return category is retention. It’s a simple truth that happier employees tend to stay on the job longer than unhappy employees. At least two benefits arise from this truth. You save money recruiting and onboarding new employees. And, the employees that you have are more devoted to your company and its success.

Another return category is collaboration. When people meet up to eat lunch, they’re breaking out of their silos. All of a sudden, people from HR are eating with people from the marketing department. And, managers are eating with the staff they manage. When this happens, relationships grow, and people share ideas that can turn out to be innovative for the company.

And, another return category is enhancing your company’s culture. When employees eat together on a daily basis, they reaffirm the organization’s culture and pass it along to newly onboarded employees.

Start Investing in Your Employees

Here at EAT Club, we sought to prove—with math—that LaaB is an investment and not just a perk. And, we did. Our research demonstrates that offering LaaB has a tangible ROI. This means that you aren’t throwing money away when you feed your employees. What’s really happening is that your company is getting a return on every dollar it spends on lunch. Visit the page where we talk directly to the C-Suite to calculate the ROI for your company.

It’s never too late to start investing in your employees. Simply add our LaaB program to your existing benefit package. To learn more about how you can have a LaaB program that your employees will appreciate, speak to a service expert by calling 800-316-6440, or visit EatClub.com to request a trial.