3 Unexpected Benefits of Free Office Lunch

When it comes to office lunch for your teams, there’s plenty of options out there. From catering to delivery to in-house food service, it’s hard to keep up with all the ways you can feed your teams. But is there an option that can bring more than lunch?

We’re not talking about delivering additional treats and conveniences. Providing free office lunch can bring tangible benefits to your company’s bottom line and culture.

Of course, a free lunch saves employees time and money—they don’t have to leave the office to buy food, or spend time packing their own lunches everyday. Plus, work-life balance improves because teams have the time and energy to accomplish their work during the day and really be “off the clock” when they leave for the day.

But aside from the productivity that is gained from free lunch, there’s actually a few unexpected benefits that companies have realized from the free office lunch phenomenon.

Stand out to job hunters and recruiters

Free office lunch makes your company look sharp to job hunters and recruitment agencies. Aside from the benefits to work-life balance throughout the work week, offering free lunch signals to outsiders that your company cares about its workers health and well-being by providing nutritious, healthful options while on the clock.

In fact, free lunch is a perk that is quickly becoming a norm—and not offering free lunch could make you lose out on some top talent. According to Glassdoor, 57% of job seekers report that benefits and perks are among their top consideration before accepting a job. What’s offered in your benefits and perks can go a long way when you’re stacked up against others in your field. So why not stand out with deliciously easy addition to your benefits offering?

Boost worker morale and office culture

These days, a “cool” office culture is something that all companies strive for. But what does that really mean? Great office culture goes beyond ping pong tables, hammocks, and video game machines—it’s making the workplace somewhere employees want to come to everyday. Feeling appreciated and cared for while you work hard to achieve your company’s goals is important and can affect the overall mood of your employees.

Offering free lunch ad snacks during the work day certainly ups the cool factor of your office, but did you know it can also boost employee morale? When workers feel like they are being taken care of—pampered even!— while they are at work, they have a more positive impression of their employer. Employees feel like they matter, and in turn, they want to do a good job and really make a difference. Not just that, but happy employees tend to stay with their companies, reducing your turnover and also improving your culture.

Improve collaboration and team building

Whether you’re a new hire or a founding member, lunch is always a great way to meet new co-workers and even find out something new about ones you’ve known for years. Sharing a meal can be a powerful catalyst to great working relationships (and sometimes even more!). You’ll have time to get to know your colleagues, find out what foods they like and dislike, and maybe even discover you have the same taste in meals.

And, this directly translates to better working relationships. Teams function better when they have a foundation of trust and common threads to build on—and sharing lunch does just that. Even better when they can bond over the free office lunch that is provided!

Who can bring this to our teams?

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