5 Tips For Choosing An Office Lunch Provider

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You’ve decided that you want to provide your employees with lunch and for good reason. Lunch is among the top perks that win over employees, according to Robert Half Creative Group staffing agency. It also has a significant ROI, since employees can spend more time being productive in the office. After all going out to lunch requires a lot of time just getting and returning from somewhere. (See Why It Pays to Bring in Lunch for Employees” link back to the blog).

Now that you’ve made the decision to sponsor lunch, you’ll want to do some research to choose an office lunch provider that suits all your employee and business needs. You don’t want to trial a number of providers, which not only costs money but time as well. Meanwhile, your employees will lose enthusiasm for your generous offer if the program is fraught with problems.

Consider these issues:

Before making your choice of provider, find out how the company deals with the following:

Dietary preferences/restrictions: Some employees have very strict dietary needs like gluten free or dairy free or they prefer a vegetarian or vegan diet. The provider you choose should be able to offer a range of individual lunch choices to meet every dietary need or preference; otherwise however well intended, the perk will fail.

Delivery logistics: Make sure a provider can assure on-time delivery. You don’t want hungry employees to start diving into snack food because lunch is late. Snack food is a quick fix that doesn’t provide the right fuel for productive work throughout the afternoon. Also if you are working in a large building with security, there may be issues getting to your offices. The issue can be resolved if the provider can assign a dedicated delivery rep who has access to your building.

Waste and cost management: Too much, too little can be a problem with delivered lunch. While you don’t want your employees to go hungry; you definitely don’t want to waste food either by buying too much food – think trays of leftover lunch meats and salads. A far better option is to be able to order individually portioned meals for only those employees in the office that day. Even better if the provider enables you to review employee ordering habits and history from your account online to help you plan meals and costs out into the future.

Ordering and cleanup: Your employees are busy and so ideally you don’t want to add more to “someone’s plate” by putting them in charge of ordering food every day. That’s why a provider who lets employees order via a convenient app or desktop menu – that enables ordering lunch daily or even up to a week in advance – makes life easier. And with individually packaged lunches, there’s no cleanup, which is another task no one wants to do; and let’s face it, your business has far more important things for employees to do than lunch clean up.

Quality Control: Some lunch providers deliver restaurant meals without a formal review system that tells them what dishes are doing well or are underperforming. It helps when providers enable employees to rate meals so they can remove those that aren’t doing well.

Lunch is not only important to your employees; it’s important to your bottom line. But not all corporate lunch providers are created equal. Give us a try at Eat Club to find out how we can “do lunch” with the best outcomes for your team and business.

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