We're always listening and working to give you the best menu experience

What’s on the menu? At EAT Club, that’s exactly what we want you to enthusiastically ask each week! Our food team curates the menus to provide a personal food experience which accommodates the variety of taste and dietary preferences of our customers (you!). That’s because we believe that lunch as a benefit (LaaB) provided by your company should be more than simply a convenience, saving you time to get the fuel you need for the day. To us, lunch is so much more. We believe that lunch presents a daily opportunity to experience food, whether you try new things or go for your everyday favorites.

Based on your recent feedback, we redesigned the menu to ensure that you have the best in-office lunch experience possible!

Our new weekly menus will feature a range of dishes to make every week distinctively interesting. While some people prefer to stick with their favorites, others are eager to explore different choices. For that reason, our weekly menus will allow for regular rotation of our most popular dishes as well as new choices and seasonal options. So whether you are craving hearty comfort food, lighter fares or new ethnic cuisines, we have a new set of menus to satisfy all types of preferences every week! A selection of dishes will vary within the week for the more adventurous palates.

We have also created a “Lunch Classics” section which includes all your classic lunch favorites: sandwiches, wraps, burritos, burgers, and pizzas. The choices will change daily, so check often to see when your personal favorite is on the menu!

We want to make every lunch with Eat Club a delicious, enjoyable and memorable experience, and we hope that you enjoy the changes. Happy Eating!

Questions? Comments? Send them to menus@eatclub.com.