EAT Club State of Lunch 2017 (INFOGRAPHIC)


As we head into 2017, people everywhere are making new year’s resolutions ranging from the usual suspects like learning a new hobby to more progressive goals like maintaining a better work life balance. Top of mind for many people is eating healthier and staying in shape and at EAT Club we believe lunch can have a meaningful impact in achieving these goals.

We recently conducted a “State of Lunch” survey to examine lunch in the workplace and help uncover what people really think about these mid-day meals. Common trends centered around lunch choice, employee incentives and how the element of time plays a big role in how you can help your employees eat healthy and meet business goals.

When it comes to lunch choice, more than a quarter of employees (31%) say their least favorite thing about corporate lunches is not being able to choose what they want for lunch. This is especially true for millennials and 20% dislike the lack of options available to them. This lack of choice can result in negative catered lunch experiences that can sour the rest of an employee’s workday. Respondents shared horror stories of boring pizza, dry and tasteless burritos, soggy sandwiches, cold Chinese food, bland pasta and spoiled chicken. What’s more, people also noted the worst catered lunches were ones that lacked vegetarian options, amplifying the importance of variety and choice when it comes to keeping employees well-fed and happy.


We frequently hear how having lunch delivered to the office saves time. For most employees, the extra time is well spent, allowing them to maximize productivity at their desks, attend more meetings, hit the gym, network with colleagues, run errands, or leave work without feeling guilty about unfinished projects. The extra time even helps some employees take a mental break from their day to Craigslist coffee tables, catch more Pokemon, sleep at their desks, play video games, nap in their car, vegetate at their desk and watch TV.

infographics-lunch-02_04When examining all the business and personal benefits of office lunch, it comes as no surprise then that a little more than a quarter (26%) of employees said that a lunch program at their workplace factored into their decision to join the company. With retaining and attracting top talent at the top of many companies lists, the addition of an office lunch program can result in impactful ROI for any growing team.


We’d love to hear from you -- share any stories with us about how lunch at your office has impacted team collaboration, productivity or helped employees meet any goals.