The desire to surround ourselves with people who enrich our lives doesn't stop when we walk into the office. We build relationships and networks throughout our careers that stand the test of time and help get us through the day-to-day. These relationships are often strengthened by displays of respect and gratitude in the workplace.

What you can do to help Give Back:

EAT Club wants you to take this month to appreciate the unique bonds created in the workplace with a #Worksgiving. We're all about bringing coworkers together around a common table, so why not make some time this season to share lunch with your "work family?"

Snap a photo of your "Worksgiving" lunch and let us know what your team is thankful for this year. Tag it with the hashtag #worksgiving and #eatclub to enter your company into a drawing to win a $1,000 gift card to "Just Give" where your team can donate your winnings to a charity of choice*. Below is a photo of our team enjoying lunch together, thankful for sunshine, good food and lots of laughs!


Why is being grateful in the workplace so important?

Studies show that companies with employees that express gratitude towards one another have better overall company culture. The mutual respect and appreciation for each other begins a positive cycle of gratitude.

Acacia Parks, Ph.D, chief scientist at Happify, says "The person expressing the gratitude is thinking about their gratitude more, so they themselves feel better and their gratitude is stronger. And it's also good for the person receiving the gratitude because they feel appreciated and it makes them want to express the gratitude back.”


*Contest will end on Monday, November 21.