Red, White & Huge Week Winner

As most of your who are out of your food-induced comas know, last week was Red, White & Huge week, where all week long we featured continent-sized pizzas on our menu. Your mission, which some of you chose to accept, was to (1) eat it, and (2) tweet us your patriotic thoughts about it to win a pizza party for your office.

There were a lot of great entrants. We were inundated with tweets and pictures and just some genuine expressions of shock. Before we reveal the winner, we want to share some of the entires that made the decision difficult:

SenyorGreen We pledge allegiance to your emoji game.

Gregory Goomishian - Reddit 100% focus.

Colin Jordan - Egnyte Non-fat sugar free vanilla iced coffee in the background should cancel out the enormous pizza.

EC Couldn't resist adding one of our own from our twitter account which you should be following.

Alas, there can only be one winner. After wading through the responses, we decided that the winner...

Henry from Saba Software!

Henry Ngo - Saba We salute your patriotism and your socks.

Thanks to everyone who ordered the Red, White & Huge and let us know what you thought. See you again next year.