Red, White, & Huge Week

The Red, White, & Huge is a yearly tradition here at EAT Club. Every year around the Fourth of July we roll out this intimidatingly large pizza both as on ode to America, and as a challenge. It's big. It's patriotic. It's America. But you can eat it.

Last week, we let you vote on which pizza you wanted to see. Well, the ballots have been cast, the votes have been tallied, and the Electoral College has done whatever it is that it does. Now it's time to sit back, relax, and enjoy the fruits (pizza toppings) of your labors.

All next week we’re featuring our winners and staff picks on the menu. If you've got the gumption to order one, we want to hear about it. Tweet your patriotic thoughts about the Red, White, & Huge to @myeatclub for a chance to win an office pizza party. That's right, your prize for eating a huge pizza is MORE PIZZA.

What exactly constitutes (hey hey) a tweetworthy thought? Here’s an example of a thought you could probably just keep to yourself:

“The Red, White, & Huge was good to eat. #RWH”

Yeah we know. Save yourself some keystrokes. Here’s what we’re looking for.

“The Red, White, and Huge is so American it made Uncle Sam say uncle. #RWH”

Now we’re talking. Really let us hear about it. And, to get you in the patriotic mood, here’s a quick list of things that are more American than the Red, White, and Huge:

1.  Nothing

One meatball for each original colony. One meatball for each original colony.