And the #AdminWeek Winner is...

Today is Administrative Professionals’ Day. In offices all across the country people are saying thanks to the administrative professionals that make their offices run smoothly. We wanted to go a little further, though. Leading up to today we’ve been asking you to nominate your rad office administrator and tell us what makes them so awesome.

We were surprised and honestly a little overwhelmed by the number of nominations that poured in. Although very important, a lot of the work that administrative professionals do is behind-the-scenes. It’s the nuts and bolts stuff that doesn’t always get seen. But this nomination process showed us that the work they do is seen. And appreciated. All people needed was an opportunity to express that appreciation.

And express they did. Out of the hundreds (hundreds!!) of nominations, one person stood out. The winner...


Karla Patterson at Udacity!

It was pretty clear from the get-go that the winner was going to be Karla. Not only did she receive the most nominations, but each one had a lot of thought behind it. Some were long, some were humorous, and some were deeply touching. But they all pointed to one thing: Karla is a special person.

Whether it’s fixing the beeping water cooler, adding lotion to the bathrooms, or appeasing the coffee aficionados of the office by getting them the equipment to make hand poured drip coffee, Karla goes above and beyond the call of the duty on a daily basis.  But don't just take our word for it.  Here's what her co-workers had to say:

"Karla goes out of her way to make the office a pleasant, welcoming and joyful place to be! From organizing 'Recess' events to making sure everyone has a comfy chair, and stocking everything from snacks to toiletries, she keeps the office humming! She also manages to take care of serious tasks like emergency planning and workplace safety in a way that doesn't feel heavy-handed or boring. Most of all, she truly cares about the welfare of every single person at our company. Thank you, Karla!"

"She believes in our mission and just generally makes our lives better: she schedules amazing 'Recess Fridays' for us every two weeks, she does all the heavy lifting for company outings, she makes sure all of our remote employees' voices are heard during all-hands meetings and she makes sure our kitchen is fully stocked with goodies - even when we surprise her with 100 random guests for a hackathon. Karla is absolutely awesome - she somehow manages to focus our dysfunction and ADD into actually getting work accomplished all while having fun!"

"She raises chickens and an adorable kid! Two thumbs up for an all star office manager."

"AND she has great taste in furniture!"

"That corner was a much more diverse pile of crap before she joined - everything from spare coffee machines to kazoos, Nerf Guns and pool noodles."

Congratulations to Karla! To show our appreciation, we’ll be sending her a day of surprises. And to show your appreciation, you should say thanks to the Karla in your office. Because every office has their own Karla. Udacity is just lucky enough to have the original.

For everyone else who took the time to nominate their office manager - thank you! We will be sharing your appreciation with the person you nominated.