Baseball's Hottest Hot Dogs

Baseball season is officially underway, which means all across America people are preparing for a summer full of home runs, National Anthems, and, perhaps most importantly, hot dogs.  Nothing goes with America's Pastime better than a perfectly grilled hot dog.  But with thirty teams in Major League Baseball, there's plenty of room for creativity.  As it turns out, each baseball team features a unique take on this American classic at their own ballpark.  Unless you have a serious amount of summer vacation hours saved up, though, you probably won't get to try them all.  To help bring this variety to your digital doorstep, we've curated a list of Baseball's Ten Hottest Hot Dogs.

1.  Los Angeles Dodgers – Dodger Dog

The Dodger Dog is just a classic, straight-ahead hot dog.  Sixty percent dog.  Forty percent bun.

2.  Colorado Rockies – Taco Dog

Colorado isn't exactly known for tacos, but a hot dog covered in taco fixings is a lot better than a hot dog covered in snow.

3.  Arizona Diamondbacks – Churro Dog

The Churro Dog is the only dessert dog on the list.  It's a churro with a donut for a bun topped with ice cream, whipped cream, and caramel and chocolate drizzle.  It's served with a complimentary dentist appointment.

4.  Cleveland Indians – The Thomenator

Named after retired slugger Jim Thome, there was a fifty-percent chance that this sauerkraut-laden hot dog would be named The Jimenator.

5.  Kansas City Royals – Steak And Cheese Dog

The Steak And Cheese Dog is truly fit for royalty.  Eat like a king with this hot dog covered in steak and then smothered in cheese.  And then die early like a king.

6.  Baltimore Orioles – Mac And Cheese And Crab Dog

Nothing says the Northeast like putting seafood on something that doesn't need it, but in this instance it looks like it works.

7.  Boston Red Sox – Sox Dog

The Sox Dog is a staple at Fenway Park.  It features a juicy hot dog in a grilled bun topped with an old red sock.  Make sure to order two if you want a matching pair.

8.  Seattle Mariners – Coffee Dog

Seattle is the birthplace of Starbucks, so it's only natural that their ballpark offering would be The Coffee Dog.  It features a hot dog covered in dark roast coffee beans and comes in Tall, Grande, and Venti sizes.

9.  Minnesota Twins – Twin Dog

The Twin Dog has two identical hot dogs in one bun.  In an attempt to differentiate themselves, the twin dogs sport slightly different haircuts.

10.  Chicago Cubs – Perennial Letdown Dog

The Perennial Letdown Dog costs a lot of money and shows a lot of potential every season, but still hasn't won a World Series in over a hundred years.