Spicy Challenge Week Winners

Last week was the Spicy Challenge Week, where we featured three incredibly spicy dishes on our menu and waited to see if anybody would rise to the occasion.  We're happy to report that many did.  Not only were the dishes popular, but some of you even took us up on our promise of prizes and submitted candid pictures of your 'taking the heat' face. Below are the winners, the hottest of the hot 'taking the heat' faces:

1st Place and winner of some sick LSTN headphones- The "This Is Way Hotter Than I Thought It Was Going To Be" Face

Spicy Challenge Winner - 1st Place

What have I done?

2nd Place and winner of a vintage snow cone maker - The "Reminiscing About The Time When My Mouth Wasn't On Fire" Face

Spicy Challenge Second Place Winner

Those were the days.

3rd Place and winner of some hot sauce (you're welcome!) - The "This is What I think of Your Spicy Challenge But Not Gonna Show My Face" Face courtesy of the gang at Zumper!


And to prove that we weren't just dishing it out, throughout the week we posted videos of increasingly spicy peppers.  These videos were supposed to culminate in a Ghost Pepper on Friday, but there was a slight delay.  Thankfully nothing can keep me from pointlessly inflicting pain upon myself, so I'd like to finally present to you the Ghost Pepper video:


Thanks again for watching, participating, and being part of the Club.  Stay spicy.