Take the Spicy Challenge and Win Hot Prizes

Spicy Challenge Week is definitely not for the weak of heart. Next week we’ll be catering to the culinary daredevil inside you and featuring three mouth-meltingly spicy dishes on our menu. Tongues will be blasted, tears will be shed, and shirts will be sweated through. And we want to see it all.

How to compete:

  • Step 1. Order a Spicy Challenge dish from next week's menu.
  • Step 2. Grab some milk, napkins (for the tears), and your camera/phone.
  • Step 3. In the heat of the battle, snap a picture of your ‘taking the heat’ face and send it to us on Twitter or Instagram using #spicy15. The best three TTH faces will win these cool hot prizes:

3rd Place – EAT Club Hot Sauce Trio

Keep the spice party rolling with this tasty trio of hot sauces, assuming your tongue is still intact and that you didn't realize during this challenge that you really don't like spicy food after all.

hot sauce

The Three Little Hot Sauces

2nd Place – EAT Club Hot Sauce + a Vintage Snow Cone Maker

To help you cool down and maybe even start a side business.


Your tongue will thank you.

1st Place – Red Hot LSTN Headphones

Your tastebuds have had enough.  It's time to indulge a different sense.  LSTN headphones are made from reclaimed wood and for each pair of headphones sold, LSTN helps restore hearing to a person in need through the Starkey Hearing Foundation.


Hear, hear.

What is a TTH face?

Now that you've seen the epic prizes, you might be wondering what exactly constitutes a ‘taking the heat face.'  A TTH face is a picture of your face taken right when you are in the middle of storm. The moment the spiciness hits. That second when you deeply regret taking on this challenge. There should be some visible pain, and sweat is definitely a bonus.

Wrong Right
Not taking the heat. TTH
No worry, no cry. Please help me.

Join Us on YouTube for "Watch & Learn: How to Eat Hot Peppers"

And to prove we’re not afraid, I’ll be eating a spicy pepper each day of the week and filming the outcome. Starting with a jalapeño, working up to habañero, and finishing it off with a ghost pepper - one of the hottest peppers in the world.  Check it out / laugh at me on our YouTube channel and keep an eye out on Twitter.

Good luck. May the spice be with you.