What’s In A Name?

EAT Club

As William Shakespeare once wrote via Juliet, “What’s in a name? A rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” True, but would a company by any other name still be as awesome? Today we take a look back at ten of the company names that were under consideration before we decided on EAT Club, and determine if the company would’ve been better off with that name.

10.  Lunch Bunch – After crunching the data we had a hunch that Lunch Bunch was a scrunch too rhyme-heavy. Outlook:  Worse.

9.  Chew Live Crew – This name was already taken by a food truck run by the former members of 2 Live Crew. Outlook:  The same.

8.  Chow Town – As it turns out, there’s an actual town named Chow Town. In our research we also discovered there is a city named Chowville, a county named Chow County, and an entire state named South Dakota. Outlook:  Worse.

7.  Bewitchin’ Kitchen – Oh man this one is pretty bad. Outlook:  Worse.

6.  Food With ‘Tude – It wasn’t clear enough if the food was what had the ‘tude, or if it was the actual people with the ‘tude, or if ‘tude was even something that people desired with their lunch. Outlook:  Worse.

5.  Lunch Aids – We aid you in getting lunch. This one could’ve been bad. Outlook:  Way worse.

4.  Google – Turns out this was already taken by another company. Outlook:  Better.

3.  Foogle – This one was available, but we were threatened with numerous lawsuits. Outlook:  Way better.

2.  FoodEx – Like FedEx, but for food. Again, numerous lawsuits. Outlook:  The same.

1.  Club EAT – So close. Outlook:  Way the same.

FoogleI’m feeling lucky.

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