Top Five Super Bowls

The Super Bowl is only a few days away, and all over the internet lists are popping up with snack ideas for your Super Bowl Party. Chicken wings, nachos, and burgers are pretty popular choices, and for good reason. They’re classics. But what will you serve them in? To help make your Super Bowl Party a success, here are five super bowls you can use at your Super Bowl Party.

Green Bowl – This green bowl is perfect for putting stuff in.  But what makes it a super bowl is that the inside is totally different than the outside.  From a distance, you might think, “Hey there’s a pretty standard green bowl.”  But when you get closer, you realize the inside looks like it’s made of wood.  Crazy?  No.  Just super.  Fill it with nachos sit back as the compliments roll in.

Flower Bowl – This is just a really solid bowl.  Unlike some bowls with flower designs on them, this bowl’s flowers aren’t instantly recognizable as such, and sort of require you to look at the bowl a few seconds longer than you usually would.  A few extra seconds of attention is what takes this bowl from regular to super.  Throw some chicken wings in this bowl and get ready for the big game.

Hanging On Bowl – Now this is a bowl with a sense of humor.  It looks like a bunch of tiny people are hanging on to the rim of the bowl for dear life.  Fill this super bowl with chili so it looks like the people are trying to avoid falling into chili, which is double funny because why would you want to avoid chili?  It’s so delicious.

Clear Bowl – It’s pretty clear that this is a super bowl.  One of the main drawbacks of bowls is that you can’t always tell what’s inside them from certain angles.  A common question at Super Bowl parties is, “Hey what’s inside of that bowl?”  Well you no longer have to answer that question.  You can always tell what’s in this clear bowl no matter where you’re standing.  If you really want to have fun, fill this bowl with something that’s clear, like water or certain types of jellyfish.

Square Bowl – Who says bowls have to be round?  The establishment, that’s who.  But if you really want to impress people at your Super Bowl Party, you should throw convention aside and go with a square bowl.  You can fit more snacks in it and it’s easier to carry.  To be honest, you’d have to be a square not to use a square bowl.

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