Braving The Storm

The massive storm that hit the bay area yesterday has finally moved on.  In its wake it left downed trees, flooded roads, and dangerous power outages.  The storm also caused several last second cancellations at EAT Club, leaving us with hundreds of leftover meals.  Not wanting them to go to waste, we decided to donate over 500 meals to St. Anthony's in San Francisco, who in turn were able to provide over 3,000 meals to homeless people in need.  Deciding to donate was the easy part, but actually doing it was a little tougher.  Check out some pictures of our awesome crew who made it happen.

Downed trees can't stop us.
Downed trees can't stop us.
12-11-14 meal donation 3
We're gonna need more tubs.
12-11-14 meal donation 2
Food slide.
12-11-14 donation 4
Quick break to pose for a photo.
12-11-14 donation 5
Tub #2.
The whole crew.
The whole crew.


Special thanks to our crew and St. Anthony's for staying open despite the weather.  You guys rock.