Vote For The Best Review Of 2014

In 2014 we received over 225,000 dish reviews.  Some were silly and fun.  Some were serious and helpful.  Some were just a string of expletives.  But every single one was read and taken into account.  It means a lot to us that you take the time to review dishes.  It helps us spot discrepancies, improve dishes, and sometimes just gives us a laugh.  To show our appreciation, we wanted to find the best review and reward the person that wrote it.

The person who wrote the best review of the year will receive a really cool and fancy quill and ink set, so they can continue their mastery of the written word.




The runner-up will receive Tapatío hot sauce packets, to help light their creative fire and also to let us get rid of all these extra Tapatío packets we have lying around.


This is sort of a weird prize.
This is sort of a weird prize.


We compiled a list of our favorite reviews and narrowed them down to the top five.  Now we need your help choosing the best one.

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There were a few that didn't make it into the top five, but we thought still deserved recognition.  Here are the Honorable Mention Reviews:

"It's like "The Godfather" meets "The Goonies", a fun family dish for all ages with a spicy tang of mafia adventure."
- David C. on the Hand Breaded Chicken Parmesan from Osteria14

"Holy Crap. The decision to order the bling burrito in its baller gold foil was instantaneous. I saw the option on the screen and the nerve impulse didn't even travel through my cerebral cortex since my medulla oblongata had already jumped into action and added it to my cart. I'm pretty sure that's how brains work. Also it was delicious."
- John R. on the Bling Bling Burrito

"BOOM! Nailed it again! If you hate terrible tasting food, order this."
- Michael B. on the Spicy Chicken Eggplant Stir Fry from Shana Thai

And in case you think we're patting ourselves on the back by only talking about positive reviews, our next post features our co-founders reading negative reviews on camera.