EAT Club Delivers Its 2,000,000th Meal

Two million is a pretty big number. If you were to count up to 2 million, once per second, it would take you 23 continuous days of counting. If you were to fly 2 million miles, nonstop, it would take you eleven months. And if you were to deliver 2 million meals, thousands per day, it would take you four years. Or at least that’s how long it took us.

On Tuesday we delivered our 2 millionth meal.  For a company that started in San Francisco, it was oddly fitting to reach this milestone in Los Angeles.  It was a powerful testament to the importance of expansion.  You don't reach a milestone like that by staying in your backyard.  You reach it by constantly pushing forward.  You reach it by taking risks.  And you reach it by having amazing customers.  And since we don't plan on any of that changing, who knows where we'll be celebrating 3 million.  Maybe Mars.

To celebrate our 2 millionth meal, we decided to surprise the customer that ordered it. Nicole at DogVacay has been a pretty awesome customer, plus she works at a place with unbelievably cute dogs, so it was the perfect scenario. We thought it would be fun to surprise Nicole with a cake, some doggie treats, some swag, and a few questions.  Check it out:

The Cake

Approximately one square mile.
Approximately one square mile.


How Many Meals?

Maggie the dog holding up a zero.
Maggie the dog holding up a zero.


Dog High Five

High five.
High five.


Interview With The Star

We had such a good time celebrating with Nicole and DogVacay that we want to do it with you, too.  To toast the occasion, we're bringing out our s'mores-and-hot-chocolate-bus to one lucky member and their entire office.

To enter your office* to win, just share the news on Twitter or Facebook. More retweets or Facebook likes on your post = more chances to win.

Thank you to everyone who's been a part of our first 2,000,000 meals.


 You could win a s'more and hot cocoa bus party. Items not to scale.


*To be eligible to win, your office must be a current customer of EAT Club.