3 Tips to Hosting a Lightweight Halloween at the Office

Halloween is just a mere week away, and if you're like us, you might still be in disbelief that summer's over. Is it seriously October already? To add to the pressure, Halloween's on a Friday this year, meaning employees will likely be going straight from the office - in costume - to the nearest party. If your office isn't quite spookified yet, don't fret: there's still time to pull something together. Here are some tips for turning the 31st into more than just a couple bowls of stale candy corn in the break room.

  1. Be discerning with decorations
    It can be really easy to walk into Party City, beeline it to the Halloween section, and buy everything in sight. But when it comes to halloween decorations, quality over quantity. If you're hosting a lunch event, make a simple centerpiece out of masks to encourage employee engagement while eating. Even easier, deck out the lobby with fake spider webs, and turn the break room fridge into a ghost. If you're really crafty but not in the mood to spend hours gutting a pumpkin, make milk jug ghost lanterns for the lobby (and turn down the lights).
  2. Turn the costume contest into an office inside joke
    Costume contests are fun and all, but sometimes they come down to whoever lives near the closest Spirit superstore. Instead, make it a little more challenging and a lot more fun by picking a theme relevant to your company's product. For example, we're part food company, part delivery company. If we challenged our employees to come dressed as their best mashup of a popular dish we serve in the coolest delivery vehicle, guess who'd show up? That's right: Bentley Burrito. Winner winner, chicken burrito. Second place to Mitsubishi Sushi.
  3. Let your employees go trick-or-treating
    We love a good excuse for employees to mix and mingle, and in most offices that's saved for lunchtime. But thinking beyond the lunch room, it's easy to find little ways to encourage collaboration. Strategically place bags/bowls of candy around the office, ideally at someone's desk, so employees will stop by. In the process, they'll also likely strike up a short conversation with their coworkers, in between chomps of Starburst. The key? Each bowl should have a distinctly different type of candy, so people shop around. Take it one step further and make it a scavenger hunt by adding clues to each "station." Winner gets a work-from-home day (score!).

Bottom line? People love a good celebration, and Halloween on a Friday at the office is the perfect setting. Don't be afraid to let those skeletons out of the closet, just for one day.

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