Five Pumpkin Products That Have Gone Too Far

With fall already in full swing, undoubtedly you’ve noticed the slow and steady creep of pumpkin flavors into your food options. It started with Pumpkin Spice Lattes, escalated with Pumpkin Ice Cream, and started to cross the line with Pumpkin Peanut Butter. Is nothing sacred anymore? Don’t get me wrong, pumpkin is an amazing flavor, but there are some things that should be off-limits.   Here are Five Pumpkin Products That Have Gone Too Far.

Pumpkin Jell-O – Jell-O should stick to fruity flavors, not pumpkin. And it’s unsettling to see something pumpkin flavored jiggle so much. More like Jell-No.

Pumpkin Vodka – You might think that adding the delicious flavor of pumpkin to the terrible flavor of vodka would make the vodka taste a little better, but pumpkin flavored vodka somehow manages to taste even worse than vodka flavored vodka, which in a way is actually sort of impressive.

Pumpkin Toothpaste – When you need to brush the taste of Pumpkin Vodka out of your mouth, the last thing you need is a double dose of pumpkin. If it doesn’t end in mint, it’s not an acceptable flavor of toothpaste.

Pumpkin Cigarettes – They smell like somebody lit a pumpkin on fire and taste like somebody lit a pumpkin on fire. The only good news about such a terrible tasting cigarette is that it’s probably not that addictive.

Pumpkin Dog Food – This one is a total rip off because they can just say that the dog food is pumpkin flavored without having to actually use any flavoring. The only way to find out if they’re lying is to eat dog food. Also dogs have no concept of time, so flavors associated with fall are meaningless to them.

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