Thrilling Grilling Experiment Results

As BBQ Week in Los Angeles comes to an end, we wanted to post the results of our Thrilling Grilling Experiment, in which we tested the theory that everything is better grilled.  Our findings may surprise you.

Corn:  10/10

Grilled Corn in the husk is actually a pretty standard dish at Midwestern BBQ’s, so the results of this one weren’t too shocking.


You corn't beat this flavor.


French Fries:  8/10

Grilled French Fries turned out to be surprisingly good. Although they kept falling through the grill, the ones that survived were crisp and delicious.


French Grillies


Bananas:  3/10

Grilled Bananas taste pretty decent, but the temperature is what makes it weird. Bananas aren’t meant to be eaten hot.


Orange you glad we grilled bananas?


Twinkies:  5/10

Grilled Twinkies aren’t bad. They taste sort of like roasted marshmallows, which really just makes you want to eat Smores, which are way better than Grilled Twinkies.


Twinkies are highly flammable.


Ice Cream:  9/10

Grilled Ice Cream was easily the most surprising dish. You have to roll up the ice cream in a ball and then get it on and off the grill extremely quickly, but the result is gooey ice cream with just a hint of smoke.


We all scream for this.


Soup:  2/10

Since you can’t really put soup on the grill without putting it in something first, Grilled Soup isn’t really grilled. It’s just soup that's been heated up by a grill.


Soups I did it again.