The Hidden ROI Of Free Lunch

In a recent article titled The ROI Of Lunch on the Huffington Post our CEO Frank Han extolled the virtues of free lunch as a benefit not only to employees, but to their companies as well. Free lunch fosters communication, increases productivity, supports employee health and wellness, and provides a powerful tool for recruiting.   But these are only the measurable returns. There are several other equally important immeasurable benefits to providing free lunch, five of which are highlighted below.

Free Leftovers – Big free lunches means there’s going to be a lot of free leftovers in the fridge, which means there a lot of options for you to steal and virtually no way of getting caught. Say goodbye to that afternoon lull.

You Don’t Have To Feel Bad For Not Inviting The Weird Guy Out To Lunch – When people go out to lunch, there’s always one weird guy that doesn’t get invited. And people always feel bad for not inviting him. But with free lunch, you no longer have to feel bad about not inviting him out. You do, however, still have to feel bad for not inviting him to sit at your table.

It Gives You Something You Can Threaten To Take Away – As a boss, there are only so many ways you can punish an employee. Labyrinthine HR rules make it almost impossible to fire someone, but there’s no rule against threatening to take something away. Sick of people parking in your parking spot? Just tell everyone that the next person who does it has to start paying for their lunch and watch as the parking lot clears out.

Fewer Car Accidents – Fewer people leaving the office and driving out to lunch means less time on the road, which, statistically speaking, leads to fewer fender-benders (which on average increase time in traffic 350% and decrease patience levels by 1000%).

You Don’t Have To Get Your Employee’s Holiday Presents – If your employees want to know what you’ll be getting them for the Holidays, just tell them you’ll be getting them the same thing you’ve been getting them every day for the entire year: free lunch. If you’re feeling particularly festive, you can gift wrap a box containing a piece of paper that shows the dollar amount of a year’s worth of lunches.

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