Six Signs That It’s Fall in Los Angeles

A cool and crisp autumn breeze. The colorful, transformative dance of the trees. The staccato crunch of leaves underfoot. None of these classic, perennial signs of fall are taking place in Los Angeles. Without these beautiful markers, Angelenos have learned to mark the passing of the seasons in a different way. Here are the Six Signs That It’s Fall In Los Angeles.

People Who Are New To LA Ask When It Starts Getting Cold

Right around fall, new transplants to LA start to hear their internal, seasonal clocks go off. Their bodies know it should be getting cold soon. But when?  The answer always crushes them:  probably never. Not going to happen. In fact, it’s probably going to get hotter soon. February might be okay.

The Hollywood Bowl Concerts Start Getting Way Better

The Bowl’s calendar always starts off slowly, with June and July featuring smaller acts, themed nights, and philharmonic remixes of film scores. As the season ends, the names get bigger. Elvis Costello, Neutral Milk Hotel, and The Pixies all played the Bowl in September. What was happening in June? Jazz Night and Hair.

Pumpkins Start Showing Up In Grocery Store Displays

One day you go into Albertson’s to grab some avocados and instead you’re met with a grandstand of pumpkins. I don’t want a pumpkin, I’ve never seen anybody else purchase a pumpkin, and now I don’t know where avocados are. And why is there a bale of hay in the store?

People Start Complaining About People Enjoying Pumpkin Spice Lattes

Fall in LA used to be marked by the return of the Pumpkin Spice Latte. But as soon as people start enjoying something in LA, cooler people will come around and make fun of them for it. People who condescendingly ask, “How can you taste the coffee through all that sugar?” are missing the point. It’s sixteen ounces of pumpkin-flavored sugar. Of course people like it.

Summer Scarves Are Replaced By Winter Scarves

In most places, scarves are a harbinger of fall. For some weird reason, though, people in LA wear scarves year round. Maybe they’re temperature sensitive. Maybe they’re pretentious fashionistas. Or maybe they just have really ugly necks.  Whatever the reason, when the light pastels of summer are replaced by auburns and woolly plaids, it’s fall again in LA.

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