Ten Greatest Songs About Food

Musical inspiration can come in several forms. Many of the greatest songs in history found their inspiration in fairly recognizable places:  total eclipses of the heart, star-spangled banners, and Anacondas. But a song can still be great even if it was inspired by something a little less common. I’m talking about songs inspired by food. Here are the Ten Greatest Songs About Food.

Peaches – Presidents of the United States of America

“Moving to the country, gonna eat a lot of peaches,” sings President’s lead singer Dave Dederer on this classic 90s track. Later in the song, he repeats, “Millions of peaches, peaches for me.” Given his lack of hits after this one, he very well might have moved to the country and may still be working through those million peaches. Bonus points for following through.

Milkshake – Kelis

Her milkshake brings all the boys to the yard or, more specifically, her milkshake brings all the boys who aren’t lactose-intolerant or have other dairy sensitivities to the yard.

Cheeseburger In Paradise – Jimmy Buffett

A song so great that it was turned into a restaurant. “I like mine with lettuce and tomatoes, Heinz 57 and French fried potatoes,” sings Jimmy Buffett, turning the way he orders a burger into song lyrics. Also his name is almost the word ‘buffet.’

Chocolate – Snow Patrol

I actually have not heard this song, but I enjoy chocolate. And snow.

American Pie – Don McLean

This is easily the greatest song ever written about pie. Some people contend this song is actually about the plane crash that killed Buddy Holly, but then why is called American Pie and not The Plane Crash That Killed Buddy Holly? I rest my case.

Strawberry Fields Forever – The Beatles

Little known fact: the original title for this song was Strawberry Fields For A Little Bit.

Jack & Diane – John Cougar Mellencamp

“Sucking on chili dogs outside the Tastee Freeze,” begins John Cougar Mellencamp in this brilliant song about Dairy Queen’s main competitor. After this song came out, Tastee Freeze reported a 17% increase in chili dog sales.

Don’t Fear The Reaper – Blue Oyster Cult

This is a really good song, and I like oysters as much as the next guy, but maybe forming a blue cult around them is taking it a little too far.

Any Song By MeatLoaf 

The most delicious singer.

Crêpe – Radiohead

“I’m a crêpe, I’m a weirdo,” sings Thom Yorke in this early 1990’s alternative rock anthem. Crêpes are delicious. You’d be a weirdo not to sing about them.

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