Our customers write awesome reviews

Here at EAT Club, our customers love to write reviews our office lunches.  And they write a lot of them - we've got 250K dish reviews, in fact.  But some of the reviews are so amazingly awesome that they bear publishing to the world.  Here is the gem that came in yesterday, about our fantastic Italian Meatballs with Polenta Cakes office lunch.

By: Cortney Chapman

"I was born without bones. Italian Meatballs with Polenta Cakes changed that. Just one bite of Italian Meatball and I now have a skeleton much like any other person, granted I spend my nights feeding on the blood of innocents, but I have bones now. Yay me.
Thank you Italian Meatballs with Polenta Cakes. Thank you.
PRO: Will give you a real body and maybe even chest hair
CON: Might give you an insatiable blood lust only quenched by eating the souls of the virtuous.
Serve hot for best results."
I love this review.  Many of us came to EAT Club to radically change people's lives.  How much better can you get than this?  Though the blood lust part is a little concerning...


Yummy Meatballs!