Summer is coming! Get ready with KI + MyFitnessPal

Summer’s just around the corner, and we’re sure you’ve got some amazing trip to Bermuda or Jamaica or Mexico or Bakersfield planned. At least that’s what advertisements would lead us to believe! But whether you’re slipping off to some wonderful getaway or staycationing in the Bay, it’s just about time to start thinking about that bikini or those swim trunks hidden in the depths of your closet. (On a side note, a great way to get some exercise is to dig through that closet to find your swimsuit! Hey look, that hat you were missing!)

Around EAT Club, we’re gearing up for donning our swimwear too, although we’ll probably just go to the picnic tables out back for a quick sunning, because who has a pool at their office? (Answer: this guy.) To start eating smart for summer, we’re very very excited to announce our new line of lower-calorie, high-protein dishes: KI.

KI, short for Kinetic Ingredients, is a house brand created by EAT Club and exclusively for EAT Club members in response to our members requesting a lower calorie alternative to the existing options on the menu. While in the past we’ve worked with restaurants to create healthier options (i.e. low carb, etc.), we wanted to take this opportunity to really make a tailored line that answered your needs. So, we set out with our executive chef James to build KI, a line focused on protein as a main source of lean calories with healthier sides. And while others would have you eat salad day after day until summer solstice on June 21st (well, in the case of the Bay Area… September…), we want you to have options that spread across both hot and cold meals.

To help further keep you on track, we’ve partnered with MyFitnessPal on this line. This is super cool for us around here, since many in our office regularly use the MyFitnessPal app to track our food and fitness. And trust me: there’s a lot of food in this office to keep track of.

KI will be rolling out in select locations over the coming weeks, so keep an eye out on the menu.

So, with summer sneaking up on you (you say that every year, don’t you?), get a jump on it with a healthier lunch and the documentation to prove that yes, you did eat healthier from May 7th – June 21st. At that point, we say break out the ice cream.


9 thoughts on “Summer is coming! Get ready with KI + MyFitnessPal

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  2. Fiona

    The values in myfitnesspal seem wrong on closer inspection. Take for instance:

    Doing basic approximate math of calories per gram of fat (~9), carbs (~4) and protein (~4). The math doesn’t add up.
    6 grams fat * 9 + 40 grams carb * 4 + 200 grams protein * 4 = 1014 not 650 calories.

    This then drew my attention to those actual values. 200 grams of protein in one meal?! I’ve never heard of such a thing. Maybe for 25 oz of steak. But who could eat that much steak?

    And 6 grams of fat? The steak alone should be at least that if not more. And that’s not counting the oil in the sauce, dressing and that the sweet potatoes were clearly cooked in.

    I love your goal to set up a lower calorie lunch program. (Though one might argue that lunches of 650-700 calories are still not what one might call “low”). And I really love that you’re providing nutritional information regardless of how healthy/not healthy it is, so that I’m empowered to make my own choices. But when the info you provide doesn’t survive even a cursory investigation, it’s at best useless and at worst disingenuous.


    1. Hi Fiona,

      Thanks so much for pointing this out. As we’ve been scanning a lot on our end, we’ve recognized this issue and are going to re-upload our values so they are correct. We apologize for any confusion this has caused and totally agree that having inaccurate information defeats the purpose of being able to track what you’re eating. Once we’ve updated these values, I’ll be sure to post a comment here that the issue has been addressed.

      – Carolyn


      1. Hi Carolyn. Has this been addressed yet? I looked up the info for today’s dish, the chicken chickpea tagine, and it also shows 200 grams of protein. Which seems… impossible.


      2. Hi Juli,

        We’ve identified the problem and submitted a new batch of the corrected values to MyFitnessPal, but it does take some time for them to upload them to their system, which is why they are not accurately reflected yet. They’ve assured us that these new values will be uploaded as soon as possible, so the second we get word from them we will post something here. Again, our sincere apologies for the mistaken values — we are working hard to get them fixed!!



  3. Stephanie

    I agree – I had the Paleo Yakitori salad and it claims to have 168grams of protein! I would need to eat something like 45 oz of chicken to get even close to that!

    Plus I’m pretty sure the calories are off 675calories for 6oz of chicken, salad and a handful of cashews…


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