Staying on track: EAT Club + MyFitnessPal

These days, it seems you can track anything. Where’s the dog? Track him. Is my BFF nearby? Track her. How many steps did I get today? Track ‘em. (Yes! I’m winning against my friends!)

But before the tracking trend really started #trending, MyFitnessPal was there, ready to help you track your fitness and food goals. Now with a community of over 50 million members strong, 4 million foods in the database, and ranking as a top 10 health and fitness app in more than 65 countries, MyFitnessPal has proven that keeping track of what you eat is no trend at all. This is here to stay.

MyFitnessPal EAT Club KIBy simply scanning a barcode, you can immediately start logging your foods for the day. Not only is this great for reminding yourself just how many chocolate dipped pretzels you eat throughout the afternoon (you ate 41… don’t get it ‘twisted’), but it also has a pretty powerful effect on helping you watch your calories. Wondering if you can have that second serving at dinner? Well, we would’ve said yes, except that you ate 41 chocolate dipped pretzels. No, no. We get it. Those things are addictively delicious.

In all seriousness, we know that for some members, it’s really important to know the calorie content of meals and be able to keep track of those calories. That’s why we’re excited to partner with MyFitnessPal on our new line, KI. The perfect marriage of healthier, delicious food and a super easy way to log it in your daily MyFitnessPal diary, this partnership has been built from the ground up to serve our members looking for lower-calorie, higher protein options at work. It’s part art, part science, and part fun. OK, it’s a lot of fun. Have you tried this barcode scanning stuff? It’s the future, man.

We’ll be rolling out new KI dishes in select locations over the coming weeks. Start practicing your barcode-scanning skillz by downloading the MyFitnessPal app onto your phone. Then, resist the urge to open your TrackFriends app. They’re right where you left them when you checked 15 minutes ago.

KI got you curious? Learn more about the new lower-calorie line, made just for EAT Club members.

3 thoughts on “Staying on track: EAT Club + MyFitnessPal

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    1. Hi Matt — great question. KI dishes in MyFitnessPal’s database will provide certain nutritive values as well, including carbs, fat, sodium, protein, and vitamin counts. If you search “KI by EAT Club” in the database, you’ll see a list of the items available, from which you can click in and see nutritive values. Thanks for reaching out!


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