How To Not Chicken Out on Going Vegetarian

So, you’ve decided to start eating vegetarian, but every time you’re about to make the change, thoughts of a nice juicy steak sneak into your brain. Hey, thoughts: your timing is impeccable.

Just like any other big life change, making a decision to cut out meat from your diet can feel like a pretty big step. But it doesn’t have to be. To kick off #EATClubVegWeek, we rounded up some tips on how to go meatless during your workday.

1. Tell some coworkers

Committing to something is a lot easier when others around you know and can support you in the effort. Plus, the truth is that the percentage of people at your office who enjoy vegetarian meals (even if they’re not vegetarian) is pretty high. According to our data, almost a quarter of people will order vegetarian meals at one time or another. Chances are, you won't be going veg alone.

2. Go with what you don’t know

EAT Club vegetarian weekIf you love a meaty lasagne and the first thing you order on your way to meatlessness is a veggie lasagne, guess what? You’re not going to be impressed. Avoid the compare-and-contrast game, and instead pick something that you wouldn't normally be able to get in its meat counterpart. For example, this yummy spanakopita. >>

3. Start small, but go strong

It's really hard to make anything a habit. And it takes time. But according to statistics, you are 100% more likely to be successful if you do something than if you do nothing at all. Take a small step forward, like committing to join the #meatlessmonday movement (if you missed yesterday, start next Monday with this quinoa salad). Then, stick to it like white on rice.

4. Build a go-to list

When you take the guesswork out of it, switching up your diet becomes much easier. Start building up a list of vegetarian alternatives to meat that you know you'll love. You may not be big on tempeh, but you think lentils are the Tofu can take a hike, but quinoa is just the bee's knees. Next time you see something you love, even if it's in a form you're not used to (quinoa patties??), try it out without hesitating.

5. Moderate

Meatless in moderation is all good, too. Choose what's right for you, and dive in. Good luck in your vegetarian ventures!