5 things we'd be eating right now if we were Lannisters

Forget dragons or white walkers. Let's talk the important stuff: what will they be serving for dinner at King's Landing tonight? We figure this question is pretty significant given there's an entire wiki page dedicated to food and drink featured in the series. See? We're not alone here.

We could revisit Daenerys' shocking horse-heart-eating episode (yikes!) or Jon Snow's unfortunate culinary circumstances on the wall (mutton stew and black bread, anyone?). But we thought instead we'd live like kings for a second. Just a second.

Castle Black food

#5 - Potted hare

This dish still, on ra-hare occasions, gets served up across the pond. Essentially it's hare meat smothered in butter (the butter keeps air out to preserve the meat). This dish is usually served cold as an appetizer or on bread.

#4 - Blandissory

A sweet and savory dish, blandissory features chicken stewed in beef broth and red wine, sweetened with honey or sugar, and topped with blanched almonds. Doesn't sound so bad, but the less-than-exciting name might make you think otherwise.

#3 - Leche of brawn

Also known as headcheese, this might not be for everyone. We imagine if this were brought into the office it would probably find its way to the trash pretty quickly, which is a shame because it could keep for weeks! But its ability to preserve, along with the amount of nutrients it packs and the fact that it's not too costly to cook all make it a perfect fit for medieval times. Tyrion would approve.

Tyrion Cheers

#2 - Roast swan stuffed with mushrooms and oysters

While it's now illegal to kill and cook a royal swan, there's a long history of swans taking a central role on the dinner table. In the time of Edward III, swans cost up to 10 times more than a goose. Of course, this makes no difference to the Lannisters. While we're at it, why not throw some oysters on the side?

#1 - Lemon cakes

Ending on a sweet note, these are a favorite of Sansa and a staple of the King's Landing social table. In the context of the show, lemons don't grow in the North, so having lemon cakes at King's Landing is quite a treat. Probably doesn't quite make up for the many, many bad things that happen within the walls of the capital. But hey, when life gives you lemons...


Sansa Lemon Cakes


Now, time to grab a modern-day bite and enjoy the show. If you're a GoT die-hard and want to explore some more ways to eat like a Lannister, a Targaryen, a Snow or a Stark, check out Inn at the Crossroads, the official Game of Thrones food blog.