Introducing Eight Acres: Paleo Meals at the Office

It’s been a blast celebrating #EATClubPaleoWeek with you all, and we thought we’d end it big with the announcement of our all new brand, Eight Acres. Many of you have seen it surface as an option on your menu, and we hope you had a chance to try it. Here’s a little more about why we created the brand for our members.

EAT Club Eight Acres

Eight Acres was built in response to many members asking us for larger portioned, high quality lunches full of protein-rich and nutrient-dense ingredients. These requests came about the same time as many of the requests for Paleo meals, so what better way to blend the two than through a new brand available only to our EAT Club members.

We thought long and hard about the types of foods that you would love to eat at the office. We knew these dishes had to have a lot of good lean protein, like half roast chicken. But we also wanted to be a little more adventurous with flavors, which is why you’ll see bacon wrapped pork chops (bacon!) or Moroccan spiced chicken thighs.

90 days compostableYou might have also noticed that packaging is an important aspect of Eight Acres too. It’s our first foray as a company into wholly sustainable packaging. In fact, if you were to put your container in a compost bin, it would return to soil in as few as 90 days.

I hope you’ve had a chance to try it out sometime this week, but if you haven’t, Eight Acres meals will continue to make appearances on the EAT Club menu. They are highly handcrafted, so they’re limited in quantity. This means they might, at times, be hard to get. We’ll be increasing the amount we offer bit by bit, so if you’re having trouble snagging one, don’t fret- more to come! If you’re not in an area where Eight Acres appears on your daily selection, we are also taking steps to make it available to you.

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  1. I found a dime sized beetle in your salmon dish. Well, actually I found it in my mouth after I noticed how crunchy and bitter the greens were. I saved the carapace, legs and wings for you to examine if you’d like. I’m not sure what kind of insect it is…It reminds me of a cockroach but the abdomen is slightly more rounded and it has a cream colored underbelly, which is uncharacteristic of American cockroaches. Although, the color may have changed in the cooking process, similar to how lobsters change color in the steamer when cooked.

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