Coffee Break: Our Favorite Paleo Sites


Good resources on Paleo are not hard to find. In fact, the search results can be a bit overwhelming. So instead of regurgitating the hundreds of other "top paleo blogs" posts out there,  we decided to ask our own team members what they use to catch up on the latest Paleo trends. Here's what they had to say.


1. Mark's Daily Apple - Frank, CEO
This is a go-to for more primal eating, centered around eating the foods best processed by your body. Don't forget the power of a good night's sleep and some regular exercise.


2. Balanced Bites - Kayla, Account Executive
For a practical, everyday approach to Paleo, this is the spot. The focus is less on the "Paleo" part, and more on the "Real Food" part.


3. NomNomPaleo - Kayla (as our resident Paleo eater, she gets two votes)
If you find all this Paleo stuff taking itself a little too seriously, you'll love Michelle Tam's site. Fun recipes, illustrations, and some pretty sexy photography.


4. Paleo Diet [Evolved] - Kellan, Photography Coordinator
Great for people new to Paleo (there's literally a section for "Paleo Noobs"). Recipes, articles, and good tips on how to avoid gaining weight on the Paleo diet (hey, all that meat still has calories!).


5. FoodGawker - Carolyn, Marketing Director
Why read when you can drool to pictures? This site is all things beautiful, but especially nice for filtering specific recipes, like these Paleo ones.