The Top 10 Paleo Snacks Perfect for the Office

The great thing about Paleo meals is that they're chockfull of protein, so chances are you'll feel pretty sated throughout your afternoon at work. But, if you exercise on the regular or don't eat dinner until later, 4pm might be your snacking hour. (Although at EAT Club, every hour is our snacking hour.)

To ease you through your late afternoon, we've picked out these Paleo-friendly snacks which are also office-friendly, by which we mean you can eat them and type at the same time. Just like I'm doing right now.

#10 - Raw veggies. Some crunchy favorites are carrots, bell peppers, cucumbers, and broccoli. Why use noise-cancelling headphones when you can listen to yourself crunching on carrots instead?

#9 - Larabars. Most are actually Paleo, even though they don't grow on trees. Avoid the ones with peanuts. And if you're in the Bay Area, you could always get them delivered.

#8 - Avocado. Cut the avocado in half, remove the pit, sprinkle on some lemon juice and salt, and dig in with your spoon. OK, so maybe not ideal for the office, but SO good and kind of worth the potential mess

#7 - Grass-fed beef jerky. Store this in your desk drawer for those long winter/summer/anytime days

#6 - Almond milk. If you've had your fill of chewing for the day, this is a great alternative snack.

#5 - Dried fruit. Snag a big bag from Costco and divide it up into single servings

#4 - Cold cuts. This is a nice option to keep in your office fridge. Use these anti-theft baggies as loss prevention.

#3 - Coconut flakes. A touch of sweet that keeps well too.

#2 - Nuts. Almonds, pistachios, macadamias… basically any nut besides a peanut, which in fact is not a nut but a legume, which is kinda nuts, right? Wrong. Legume.

#1 - Dark chocolate. Probably don't even need to be hungry to want to snack on this. And yes, while chocolate is not part of a strict Paleo diet, it's okay to have in moderation when it is high (74%+) in cocoa content. Moderation is key.

Bonus section! Top 3 Paleo snacks we DON'T recommend for the office:

Canned tuna - Paleo snacks#1 - Canned tuna. Don't do that to your coworkers. That's just mean. Plus, it requires a can opener, which is an instant disqualification.

#2 - Hard-boiled eggs. See #1. Also, so messy...

#3 - Olives. Don't get me wrong - I love a good olive. But with the pits and the slippery oil - let's just say you'll be spending more time wiping your fingers on your napkin or chasing olives (like this guy) than you will be enjoying the snack. Save these for at-home snacking.

So, what's your favorite Paleo snack? ↓ Tell us in the comments ↓